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An Insider's Look at SCSU's Eastman Building Before Its Renovation This Fall

05/31/2017 - 2:45 AM

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An Insider's Look at SCSU's Eastman Building Before Its Renovation This Fall
Photo by Andrew Erickson

KVSC's Assistant News Director Andrew Erickson got a chance to explore Eastman before the remodel begins to get some pictures in its historic halls. He says although Eastman is merely a destroyed storage space at this point, the history you can feel when you walk into the building is astounding.

Erickson says the first time he saw the building it reminded him of an old style basketball court and when he pointed it out to his friends they just gave him a funny look and said no way. He forgot about it because it was closed and there was no reason to try and explore when he couldn’t. That was until this bill passed and was a reminder of that old locked up building. This was the rekindling spark of curiosity.

The exploration started at the front door. Erickson says the old 1920s style lamp lights still sit outside and either side of the door, almost as if they could still light the way for basketball fans on a cold St. Cloud night in February.

When Erickson took a step into the natatorium, or the room with the pool, he was just in awe. Be from the incredible tile work in the trim, the fact that the pool sounded longer than it looked empty because it just felt so small or even looking at how small the whole room was with barely any bleacher space.

Even the locker rooms within Eastman had old stone bathroom stalls and a cage to hold and give out equipment. Other than in movies Erickson had never before seen one of these things. Some added fun there would be how the showers looked like they were straight out of a murder movie.

There is a really old style gymnasium that we just don't build anymore. It is filled with arch style architecture and that is something technology has surpassed. The windows even had this arch style and the rebuild isn't supposed to affect these. The basketball court is centered by SCSU's original logo, just a SC in a red circle.

The gym has hanging bleachers made of wood and when you step out on them you can actually feel how old they are. The wood squeaks under the pressure of your foot. When Erickson got to the railing to get a better shot of the logo, he said his heart was racing a little because he had the thought that the whole bleacher would come down.

Up at the top of the building by the bleachers there are offices. This would have been where the coaches or team managers would have had a place. The main office was a good size and had two unique additions to them.

In the first addition they had their own full bathroom, stalls and everything (funny enough, there was a microwave in there). In the second was a private balcony. The inside door was nailed shut and the outside door was broken and hanging from years of weather abuse but Erickson says it was truly a head honchos office with this special piece.

The last thing he got to explore was the practice room. In there was all wood floors again and big floor to ceiling windows but the best part was on the wall. There was a big black SCSU with Eastman Fitness Center written over it in Red. It felt like an old boxing gym and you can just imagine the blood, sweat and tears that have fallen to that floor since 1929.

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