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NCHC Announces New Overtime Rules

08/18/2015 - 1:10 AM

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One year after trying shootouts to decide who receives an extra conference point, the NCHC conference have announced a new wrinkle to overtime rules and policies. If the game still remains tied after playing the traditional five-minute five-on-five overtime, a 3-3 on five-minute overtime has been added. And if nobody has scored after the two five minute periods, the game will go to a shootout.

The winning team in a conference game that scores in the traditional 5-5 overtime still will receive all three points with the losing team receiving none. If the game goes to 3-3 or a shootout, each team will receive at least one point, with the winning team receiving the second point. No matter the outcome of the new situations, it does not affect the PairWise rankings as the game is still considered a tie and the final score of the game will also still reflect a tie in national standings.

Stats in the 3-3 overtime will not count in the conference or national statistics. Non-conference games at NCHC member venues will follow the same overtime protocol upon receiving consent from the visiting non-conference opponent.

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