1.)    When did you get involved with 88.1 FM?

-I have been involved on and off with the station for about 3 years. I really got heavily involved in KVSC this past August.
 2.)  What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC and what programs have you hosted in the past?
-I host the Tuesday Noon News Watch and fill in for other news shows when needed.
3.) Please list some of the artists and musicians you consider to be a must play on your show(s)?
-I can’t play any music during my show.
4.) Why are you involved with independent community radio at 88.1 FM?]
-I believe it is a great opportunity for me to gain experience within the media. It is a way students can get involved and get a taste of what the radio industry is like.
5.) What is in your personal CD player, iPod, or mp3 right now (BE HONEST)?
-I currently have the CD Audio Secrecy by Stone Sour in my CD player.
6.) Please disclose the most embarrassing music moment or concert you’ve attended or album you’ve bought (perhaps even shameful)
-A friend bought me Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree CD. Needless to say I gave it away for free.
7.) What are your hobbies and interest?
-I am a political junky. I watch a great deal of news and read a lot of books. Needless to say the News Department at KVSC is the place for me. I also do love following sports. Despite how much Minnesota teams let me down I have to stick with them.
8.) When you are not at work or KVSC, where can you most likely be found?
-I can be found in class or working out at SNAP fitness. I will make an occasional appearance at the Mall when I have a little free time.
 9.) If it were the end of the world and you could only take five things with you, what would they be (BE HONEST)?
-Lots of water, something to read, a super cute girl, a gun and my Anchorman movie
10.) What do you think is the future of radio?
-There will always be a place for radio. People are getting their news more frequently online as well as listening to websites such as Pandora. However, radio will always survive and will continue to give people something to do in long, boring road trips.