1)When did you get involved with 88.1FM?


Spring semester 2012.

2) What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC and what programs have you hosted in the past?

 I currently host the morning show part two on Friday and the afternoon progressive rock show on Monday!

3.) Please list some of the artists and musicians you consider to be a must play on your show(s).

 Rush is my favorite group of all time, Other than that: Bob Dylan, The Tallest Man on Earth, Beach House, The Shins, Radiohead, R.E.M. Queen, Pat Metheny during the jazz edition, Mumford and Sons, M83, Sugar, Atmosphere, The Avett Brothers.

 4)Why are you involved with independent community radio at 88.1FM?

 I recently changed my major over to mass communications at SCSU. I heard about KVSC and thought it would be a cool experience! People always told me that I would sound good on the radio, so I decided to join the KVSC team!

5) What is in your CD player right now (be honest)?

Rush, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Metheney, Eddie Money, Supertramp, Bruce Springsteen, Atmosphere, Phil Collins, The Killers, Meat Loaf, The Police, Dire Straits, Foo Fighters, John Mellencamp, Mumford and Sons, R.E.M, Sum 41, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,The Who…..Classic rock is my favorite if you cant tell!

 6) Please disclose the most embarrassing music moment  or concert you’ve attended or album you’ve bought (perhaps even shameful)?

 Every time I try to dance or sing along with a song is an embarrassing moment…Cover your ears!

 As a DJ, I’m also known to have a very attractive and manly voice crack from time to time….I promise I'll hit puberty some day!

7) What are your hobbies and interests? 

 I love running, playing music on KVSC, reading, watching baseball and football (MN sports junkie), coffee, playing video games, nutrition, spending time with friends/family, and making pancakes!

 8) When you are not at work or at KVSC where can you most likely be found?

On Campus at SCSU. I run around Lake George quite a bit as well!

 9) If it were the end of the world (?) and you could only take five things with you what would they be (be honest):

An endless supply of instant pancakes and water, a hot plate, my computer with my music collection, and my close group of friends/family.

10)What is the most annoying request or listener inquiry you remember receiving?

Sometimes people will request that I play vinyl records backwards.....not sure why but this happens.

11)  What do you think is the future of radio?

I hope the future of radio is getting better! Broadcasting is a dream come true for me, and I would love to get started in this for a career. That being said, I think the internet and evolving technology is constantly changing the industry. From what I’ve learned, radio MUST stay local and find a way to connect with listeners. Picking local talent for the station is also becoming more important!