kvsc_logo.gif1.)    When did you get involved with 88.1fm?

I officially started in April 2009.

2.)    What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC and what programs have you hosted in the past?

I host the morning show part 1 from 6 to 9 am on Tuesday mornings. I have filled in for a couple of other shows. Urban invasion was a fun one to host except for when Gnarls Barkley broke all three cd players.

3.)    Please list some of the artists and musicians you consider to be a must play on your show(s)

Belle and Sebastian, I usually have no idea what to play so I try to avoid certain artists because I <3 them too much.  4.)    Why are you involved with independent community radio at 88.1fm

I figure if I hang around here long enough I will figure out a way to make it rain.
5.)    What is in your personal CD player, iPod, or mp3 right now?
LCD Soundsystem, Steak (OST), The Middle East, The XX, Phoenix, DJ quik and Kurupt, Royksopp, The Antlers, Air, Animal Collective, Beach House, Broken Social Scene, The National, Radiohead “In Rainbows”, and my bumps of course: AZ, Blackstar, Blackalicious, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Deltron 3030, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, J Dilla, Mos Def, Talib Kweli.
 6.)    Please disclose the most embarrassing music moment or concert you’ve ever attended or album you’ve bought (perhaps even shameful)?
I have lots of music that might be considered embarrassing. For some reason I have a lot of 90’s country and silly pop music.
 7.)    What are your hobbies and interests?
Anything weird interests me. Near car crashes.I like current events class, political punditry, rock collecting, Magic: The Gathering (not really a hobby. I am training for the Pro Tour in order to avoid ever taking any responsibility in life)
 8.)    When you are not at work or KVSC, where can you most likely be found?
Walmart. At least until they come up with an alternative socially conscious 24 hour discount department store.
 9.)    If it were the end of the world and you could only take five things with you, what would they be (BE HONEST)?
Blanket, Air Conditioner, Internet capable computer, big tv, nice stereo.
 10.) What do you think is the future of radio?
Internet is the future. Hopefully some public stations can hang on to some of the radio spectrum so telecommunications companies don’t end up owning everything.