cole_2_2_1_.JPG1.)  When did you get involved with 88.1FM?

Summer of 2010

2.)  What shows do you host?

Morning show part 2 on mondays.

3.)  Artists that are a must play on your show?

There's too many good artists for me to pick favorites. I feel that anyone who picks favorites needs to expand their mind.

4.)  Why am I involved with kvsc?

I've been a long time listener and have always been interested in contributing somehow. donating to the station, though much needed and appreciated, just wasn't enough to satisfy me.

5.)  What's in my cd player right now?

Brother Ali's first album at this moment. I really dig Minnesota's local scene.

6.)  Embarassing moment, concert or album?

The first CD i ever owned was given to me for christmas. Sheryl Crow's first disk.I listened to it once and "lost" it soon after. Green Day's Kerplunk album soon replaced it.

7.)  Hobbies and interests?

I really love to be outdoors doing just about anything. I picked up
gardening from my mother and it's been said that my yard looks like a
jungle.  I've been longboarding for half a decade now. (the only one in
my home town) I also play the bass guitar, paint with acrylics, and camp
when my schudule allows. I'm always in the mood for a good movie as I
haven't watched television in almost 2 years.

8.)  Where can i be found outside of work or kvsc?

Why? Are you stalking me?

9.)  5 things to have at the end of the world?

Food, water and someone to procreate with. Everything else is trivial
at that point.

10.)  What's the future of radio?

Commercial radio hasn't changed much in many decades so why would it
change now?  I envision and awesome world where all artists of all
genre's get equal representation on the airwaves so the listeners can
decide what they like for themselves... then I wake up.