Nick_W..jpg1.) When did you get involved with 88.1 FM?

In the fall of 2010 when I transferred to SCSU.

2.) What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC and what programs have you hosted in the past?

I am currently hosting the afternoon Prog Rock show on Tuesday afternoons. Don’t forget to tune in!

3.) Please list some of the artists and musicians you consider to be a must play on your show(s)?

If there was music that wasn’t worthy of airtime, why would KVSC have it? Listen in and you will hear something you like. I promise!

4.) Why are you involved with independent community radio at 88.1 FM?

I think the better question is why aren’t you?

5.) What is in your personal CD player, iPod, or mp3 right now (BE HONEST)?

300+ gigs of everything. I am not picky and will get bored if I don’t mix it up.

6.) Please disclose the most embarrassing music moment or concert you’ve attended or album you’ve bought (perhaps even shameful)?

I am not embarrassed of any of the music I listen too. I will even proudly announce that I listen to Styx. I am slightly (very slightly) ashamed of the fact that I would like a pair of snake skin pants though. I think my butt would look good in those.

7.) What are your hobbies and interest?

I like to play my guitar and on my computer with my spare time and even play a video game now and then. I try to rock climb a few times a week. I will never reject a chance to watch a hockey or football game. Generally I am up for anything but that is a lot to post so if you want to do something, just ask.

8.) When you are not at work or KVSC, where can you most likely be found?

I can’t be found. I am sneaky that way.

9.) If it were the end of the world and you could only take five things with you, what would they be (BE HONEST)?

If it’s the end of the world I wouldn’t bring anything for one of two reasons

1) I am dead and unlike the pharaohs, I can’t take it with me.
2) I am in a space ship flying away from earth and in that case I don’t want the extra weight weighing down my space ship. Gas isn’t cheap these days.

10.) What do you think is the future of radio?

Well the past of radio is KVSC before me, so the future of radio must be KVSC with me…