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Trivia 2005 Standings




1st Stefan's Dreamsicle 15490
2nd Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women 15255
3rd Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do The Mime 14990
4th Loose Meat Sandwiches 14720
5th Panties WAAAY Too Tight 13835
6th Pull Start Diesel 13695
7th Voodoo Dolls 13670
8th Sigma Phi Nothing 13620
9th Non Essential Gov't Workers 13385
10th Feelin' Comfortable 13255
11th Nuyorican Poet Soiree' 12620
12th Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies 12490
13th Freshly Squeezed 12485
14th WWSD:  What Would Scooby Do? 12350
15th D.O.A. Hole 12310
16th Intimate Tupperware Party 12235
17th LDE: Inspectsyour Gadget! 12150
18th ET: Dusting for Butt Prints 11950
19th College DJs Suck 11815
20th Super Heros In Training 11720
21st Chairleg of Truth 11710
22nd Formerly Known as FASC 11600
23rd Society for Creative Anarchism 11510
24th A Few Screws Loose 11310
25th Trouble Among the Cheerleaders 11085
26th The Order of Eggs Benedict 11025
27th Worried About the Beaver 10900
28th Redneck Zombie Mofos 10840
29th Festivus for the Rest of Us 10775
30th The House of Insanity 10615
31st 2X/X-6=12/X-6 Solve for X 10445
32nd Poppins: P.I. 10145
33rd More Cowbell! 10070
34th Loose Women & Shady Bartenders 10040
35th Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys 9845
36th Incredible Edible Hobo 9765
37th Canadian Bacon: Chuppathingay 9685
38th Whack My Bush, Pull My Cheney 9560
39th Phreaks & Geeks With an Alibi 9420
40th Teachers Loungin' 9395
41st 85 No Tallent Ass Clowns 9185
42nd DA Fillet Show 9170
43rd No Static At All 9025
44th Enjoy The Man Explosion 8935
45th Nitsy's Kids: Not Lenny 8815
46th Some Assembly Required 8780
47th Pigs R' Us 8685
48th Sherlock Frog & Dr. Penguin 8505
49th Manfort 8505
50th The Shamelessly Nameless 8400
51st Cake or Death? 8245
52nd More Useless Students in College 8135
53rd There's Something about Jim 8135
54th Romulus Can't Reamus 7605
55th Insert Something Cleaver Here 7310
56th The Mooninites 6940
57th Upward Thrust 6695
58th Operation Hoyven Mayven 6645
59th Vote for Pedro 6530
60th Intellectual Wedgies 6325
61st Who's Jebus? 6000
62nd GBCRE: The Fellowship 5600
63rd Thought it Was Razor Burn 4795
64th Wee r ay grewp uv reelee smrt peepull 4745
65th The Manson Family Variety Hour 4130
66th Baker Street Irregulars 3955
67th Bud Somerville Returns 3640
68th Somethig's Fishy Here, Sam 3600
69th DRI: Dwarf Rodeo Investigators 3005
70th Big J & The Jeromazoni Ghost Band 1380
71st Brad Olsonzass 1020
72nd Occupation Fool 595

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