Radio Drama Script Writing Contest

Call for Entries! GREAT Theatre and KVSC Radio Script Writing Contest

GREAT Theatre and KVSC Radio are making a call for submissions for an original, never before performed, feature length script to be produced and performed as a live radio drama in the spring of 2021. We’re looking for the best, locally written script to further the tradition of quality radio theatre in central Minnesota, and we’re offering an award of $1,500 for this script!

Here are some important contest details:

The submission deadline by PDF is December 31, 2020, at 11:59 PM. Submit to

This script writing contest is open to residing within 45-miles of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

There is no age limit.

There will be an optional “radio script writing workshop” opportunity in the fall of 2020 to critique and give feedback on scripts in progress as well as to go over questions about formatting requirements, which will follow below (including an example!). To sign up for a reminder, click here:

Content, Genre, and Story Requirements:

So, what kind of story are we looking for? Well, it’s got to be good. That’s the big thing.

As for genre, a different direction other than what has been performed prior would be preferred. We’ve broadcasted the past three years during the Halloween season with Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, Night of the Living Dead and Sherlock Holmes. Since we are planning on broadcasting this production during the spring of 2021, keep that in mind. Otherwise, just about any genre that would hold a compelling and exciting tale could work.

The subject matter and language should be considered to be PG to PG-13 with full compliance to all FCC guidelines. Offensive material will not be considered. There will be adults and children listening and attending the live radio production, so write accordingly!

The story should have a sense of inclusivity and equity that recognizes the mindfulness of our organizations towards such topics, and it should accommodate 8-12 actors. Keep in mind, some of the actors can play more than one role with their voice talent.

The story should be “sound rich” with a variety of sound effects. Think classic Foley sound effects! We will hire a professional Foley sound effects performer. Plus, remember that this is RADIO theatre. There should be no stage directions that the audience is required to see. Everything must be conveyed by dialogue and sound. Costumes, sets, and lighting are all “within the mind,” so writing that stimulates the imagination and puts the listener “there” is a must.

The overall performance should be about 75-90 minutes with a 10-minute intermission right around 50-60 minutes. This translates into about 60 total pages.

Formatting Requirements:

It’s pretty simple. Scripts should be submitted as a PDF.

Within a Word document, set the left margin at 1”and then the tab at another 1.5” with subsequent lines within the paragraph also at that 1.5”.

12 pt. font; Calibri or Arial or Times New Roman; Single spaced within dialogue, double between characters.

Insert a three-column table for Foley and musical effects. 1st column for whether it is SOUND or MUSIC. 2nd column for what the sound is. 3rd column for important notes such as timing within dialogue. Please see the PDF EXAMPLE from our production of Sherlock Holmes. It’s pretty simple little trick.

Submission Checklist and Timeline

  1. Email Kendra or Jo with any questions about the script writing contest
  2. Complete the form listed above to be notified of writer’s workshop(s) in Fall 2020
  3. Script submitted by 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2020 to
  4. January 2021 A panel of reviewers will convene to select winning submission
  5. April 2021 anticipated production and live performance of winning submission

Any questions, please contact:

Kendra Norton Dando-GREAT THATRE
Education Director
Jo McMullen-KVSC Radio
Station Manager

This project is funded part from a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Culture Legacy Amendment.