KVSC top 88

KVSC 88.1 FM's Top 88 Albums

Every year, KVSC staff and listeners vote on their top 20 picks for album of the year. We then tabulate the ballots and create a list of the top 88 albums.

Take a look-see and review the 2020 Albums KVSC played in the year we all stayed home.

You can vote for your Top Album of 2020 HERE. The deadline to submit your ballot is Sunday, January 17, 2021. Email your top picks to info@kvsc.org to be counted.

The Music Department hosted their revered Music Year In Review show on Tuesday, January 19 with the top album, Waxahatchee’s St. Cloud named the Album of the Year for 2020!

Here are the Top 88 songs of the last 20 years: