Trivia History


Trivia Weekend debuted in 1980 with 49 teams participating. The contest was organized by KVSC and RHA (Residents Hall Association) at St. Cloud State University and mostly student teams competed. The idea behind Trivia weekend was to alleviate Minnesota’s infamous cabin fever. As the weekend grew, so did its organizational sophistication. Eventually, KVSC became the sole organizer of the contest, and more community teams began playing.

During its infancy, Trivia Weekend required a 14 member staff. KVSC installed four telephone lines and hand tabulated all scoring. Now, fifteen Trivia Hotlines and four administrative telephone lines are used, as wells as computer scoring.

After KVSC started broadcasting its programming live on the internet, Trivia weekend was open to players from all over the world. In 2000, three teams competed via the internet. Internet-based teams follow the same rules as local teams and must call the Trivia Hotline to guess their answers. KVSC intends to keep the contest based on phone interaction, not electronic messaging. The number of internet-only or internet-enhanced teams has flourished.

In 2007, Trivia Weekend was featured on Kare 11’s Land of 10,000 Stories news segment. Watch the video here.

KVSC has more than 150 volunteers working toward the success of our annual station event. Dozens of St. Cloud businesses donate food and dollars to ensure the success of Trivia weekend. We wish your team the best of luck this year!

Please check out the KVSC Trivia Hall of Fame too!



YearThemeWinner# of Teams
2024Camp TriviaStefan’s Dream 25: Aurora Stefanis47
2023Trivia on TrialStefan’s Dream 24: In flagrante delicto50
2022LITerally Trivia: A Novel IdeaStefan’s Dream 23: Stefan Ex Machina51
2021Trivia At PlayStefan’s Dream 22: Nerd Immunity58
2020.5Trivia ‘U Can’t Touch This’–10-hour mini trivia April 18, 2020Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys102
2020Trivia 2020: It’s About TimeStefan’s Dream XXI: He Could Urn Back Time49
2019Trivia University: Celebrating 40 Years of Trivia UniversityStefan’s Dream47
2018Codename Trivia: Strategies, Secrets and SpiesIt Just Doesn’t Matter50
2017Trivia Storm: 50 Hours of Torrential TriviaIt Just Doesn’t Matter57
2016Trivia Cruisin’: Racing, Road Tripping and Rock and RollIt Just Doesn’t Matter59
2015Game of Trivia:Quest For Futile FactsStefan’s Dream XVI: Stefan, Warrior Princess64
2014TSPN: Trivia Sports Playing NetworkStefans Dream XV: Pardon the Eruption56
2013Trivia 2013: A Space OddityStefan’s Dream XIV: Stefan’s Re-Entry62
201233 1/3: Trivia Long PlayLearned Pigs and Fireproof Women67
2011Superheroes of TriviaMustache71
2010Trivia in 3DStefan’s Dream XI: VENI, VENI, VENI67
2009XXX TRIVIA: 30 Years of Trivia Lovin’Stefan’s Dream X: Stefan Always Comes 2nd76
2008Vote Trivia ’08Pull-Start Diesel78
2007Trivia: Around the World in 50 HoursPull-Start Diesel80
2006Trivia on the High SeasLearned Pigs and Fireproof Women72
2005TSI: Trivia Scene InvestigationStefan’s Dreamsicle72
2004Trivia HotdishLearned Pigs and Fireproof Women71
2003Viva Las TriviaThe Mime Radio Conspiracy75
2002Trivia TubeSigma Phi Nothing69
2001Night of the Living TriviaAnimal House69
2000T2KAOSLearned Pigs and Fireproof Women58
1999Trivia RenaissanceLearned Pigs and Fireproof Women50
1998Trivia Sells OutThose Meddlin’ Kids57
1997The T-FilesAnimal House48
1996Trivia FairGDI41
1995Dial T for TriviaGDI41
1994Hotel Trivia11 Who Care 2 Bonzai 4 Passolt34
1993Trivia TrekSigma Phi Nothing34
1992Magical Trivia TourGDI30
1990Trivia AttackGDI28
1989Trivia BlizzardAnimal House25
1988Mission: TriviaUltra Voilet Catastrophe25
1987Trivia GetawayKnow Nothings20
1986Trivia ZoneAnimal House21
1985In Pursuit of TriviaGang of Fourn/a
1984Trivia OlympicsPhil + the Blanksn/a
1983E.T. Trivia (Extraterrestrial Trivia)Squaw Chasers42
1982Trivia WeekendPhil + the Blanks33
1981“Trivia Contest”Shoemaker Victory26
1980“Trivia Contest”6th Floor Stearns Playboys50