Rules and Information

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A typical trivia hour has 9 questions per hour. The point values of the questions range from 10-250 points. During a speed round, we ask 18 questions an hour, and usually all questions are worth the same point value. It’s all about speed! Whether a regular or speed round, each team that reports the correct answer to the Trivia Hotline in the allotted time is awarded the question’s point value. Teams can keep guessing on a question as long as the question is open. When KVSC closes a question, guesses are no longer accepted.


Teams are allowed to make two guesses per call for up to TWO open questions. Teams guess on open questions and are told correct (and awarded points), wrong, or incomplete. No clues are given for incomplete guesses. The phone bank will not tell you which part is incomplete; that’s your job to puzzle out! Keep calling back with more guesses before the question closes!


The Information/Repeat Question support line will NOT spell out common words. For example, if a question asks about “The Tracey Ullman Show,” we will not spell the name “Tracey.” On-air hosts will only spell out words that are deemed helpful by the trivia writing team.


AVOID PHONE BANK JAM! You need to practice team restraint. There is a MAXIMUM of two simultaneous phone calls to our hotline from your team. We monitor how frequently each team contacts our phone bank. Please inform satellite players of this rule. Also note, cell phone batteries need recharging frequently during the contest.


Teams may not assist each other in any way, including trading answers. Violations of library laws will result in contest disqualification. Also, KVSC resources and personnel cannot be used as sources.


Members of teams are not allowed on the KVSC premises during Trivia weekend. Also, teams may not intentionally try to sabotage another team by falsely representing them to KVSC staff, trivia writers, scorekeepers, and phone bank workers. Teams face forfeiture for violating these rules.


Scoring and question disputes for most questions are entertained for TWO HOURS ONLY following a reported discrepancy. If you dispute a question, internet sources are treated as a lowest priority.


All decisions made by station management and trivia writers are final.


Your team HQ will be contacted Friday afternoon of Trivia Weekend to assign you a team number and other data. Use only your assigned team number ALL weekend to identify your guesses and answers with the Trivia Hotline and dispute lines.


The team with the most points at 7:00 p.m. Sunday is the overall winner! Division I, II, and III winners will be recognized at the awards ceremony. KVSC will not broadcast the scores for the final four hours of the contest. However, you may call the point information or general information line to confirm your team score until the second to last hour. If necessary, KVSC will use creative discretion to resolve a tie.


Every team receives a packet of individually numbered images. Questions could be asked periodically throughout the contest about any of the photographs and images provided. We do not post the images on in advance of the contest. However, we might post them on our Facebook page prior to or during the contest.


Audio trivia questions are asked at random. Be ready for the challenge of the audio speed round! To best prepare for these questions, teams are encouraged to have a recording device handy, but KVSC will repeat audio questions when asked.


For the latest in Trivia Weekend news, follow KVSC on Twitter at and Facebook at Follow the hashtag #TriviaWeekend on Twitter all weekend long for the latest updates, team banter and more.


The deadline to register is 3:00 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16, 2024. The awards ceremony is in-person in Stewart Hall’s Ritsche Auditorium and via webstream. The beloved Post-Trivia Party occurs at the Red Carpet Nightclub.