The Marty Sundvall Trivia Hall of Fame


Team: Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants

Celebrating their nearly three decades of dedication to playing in KVSC’s Trivia Weekend, we are excited to welcome Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants to the Marty Sundvall Trivia Hall of Fame.

The Jo McMullen Volunteer Award: Patrick St. John

This year’s inductee we plucked out of space in 2013 with Trivia 2013: A Space Oddity. They have helped with every position throughout Trivia Weekend, from helping in the phone bank, on-air, supervising the phone bank, writing questions, serving food, cleanup, and even helping in our changing times with the IT Help Desk. This year we have a new Trivia Management System, aka TMS. Our inductee also manages the donated hosting provider of the Trivia Management System and much, much, much, much more. Patrick Saint John started participating in Trivia Weekend as a KVSC student engineer and is the newest Jo McMullen Volunteer Award recipient.

Sponsor: Toppers Pizza

Part of the Toppers Pizza legacy involves saving the day at a KVSC Trivia event. During a Theme Reveal Party at a local brewery, the immaculately laid out table of catered food items was knocked over, sending meatballs scattering across the floor. Having promised to feed the attendees, KVSC scrambled to find a replacement and quickly realized who they could reach out to. On the shortest of notices, Toppers Pizza provided a feast for the event’s guests. That immediate, generous assistance is emblematic of how Toppers approaches their partnership with KVSC. We know we can always count on them and that they will often give us more than we asked for. They’ve been helping keep Trivia Weekend volunteers (and Monday Night Live acts) happily fed for many years. They are undoubtedly Hall of Famers.


Knee Deep in Theses

Trivia on Trial represented Knee Deep in Theses 23rd year of competing with Trivia Weekend. This team started at Cornell University and was compromised of a cohort of PhD students in the world of astrophysics. The phone bank has always enjoyed the fun and feisty interactions with Knee Deep in Theses and the band of collegiate friends have continued to compete from many parts of the United States years later. Also, we continue to giggle about the creative, but accurate, team name! Welcome to the Hall

Volunteer: Ref (Louis Mrozak)

So after deposing many people that are knowledgeable on the case, our deliberations have formed an opinion without any dissent, the volunteers of KVSC Trivia are awesome!  Every year one such volunteer is elevated to the level of Supreme Court Justice, also known as the volunteer Hall of Fame inductee.

This year’s inductee has gone above and beyond helping with many hours each year on the phones, phone suping, opening and closing questions and the fun-filled cleanup. Our inductee is not only a hockey ref but also a ref of trivia. We are inducting Lewis Mrozek. Congratulations!

Sponsor: DJ Bitzan Jewelers

As long as we can remember at Trivia Weekend DJ Bitzan has been a terrific prize sponsor. The locally owned and operated business has graciously said “yes” to every request for team prizes. The top teams have enjoyed valuable gift cards in their prize package. KVSC extends its gratitude and praise for the ongoing support of DJ Bitzan Jewelers in St. Cloud


Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

They’ve been competing for nearly 20 years, investigating trivial facts and often playing on multiple continents (some team members have called Cairo, Egypt, Tokyo, Japan and San Salvador, El Salvador home). In 2020 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys they won KVSC’s Trivia: U Can’t Touch This mini-trivia event in April 2020 during the pandemic in which nearly 100 teams competed. Congratulations!

Volunteer: Fearless Gus (Chris Sokoloski)

This year’s volunteer Hall of Fame inductee has gone above and beyond as a volunteer. Fearless Gus is phone bank volunteer, phone bank supervisor, helps with scoring, helping run for food for volunteers and a genuinely kind human. In 2022 he personally took 2,041 calls a remote volunteer, with a new baby!

Sponsor: Manae’s Meats

This locally run meat and cheese shop has been a go to food sponsor for many years at Trivia HQ. Don Manea and his family run business supply a variety of meats, cheeses, meatballs and pulled pork to feed the late night and overnight volunteers–thank you!


Squirrels and Cowboys

This team has 24 years of cumulative trivia participation and features plot twists along the way. A couple decades ago (wow, this seems unreal to write) they competed under the Cowboy Dale moniker, performing quite well, while having a ton of laughs and fun. Team Captain Peter Hamerlinck shepherded a trivia ship with his brother John, and now it’s a multi-generational experience. Peter took a hiatus for a bit and helped with the dark side of trivia writing, but returned with Squirrels as the team mascot, with a blended team. In 2021 they competed as Squirrels With Nuts Six Feet Apart; each year the team name evolves to fit the theme, or in memoriam of a fallen teammate. Congratulations Squirrels!

Volunteer: Tommy “Coco” Balistreri

It’s been a trivia evolution for this man from the land of cheese and beer. After a few years of competing in the contest, he was roped into the production side of Trivia Weekend by Jim Gray and Captain F, and he joined the Goat Posse. That’s when our love affair with Tommy really began. Tommy possesses a rare and admirable collection of skills–an engaging, positive spirit and IT and audio production skills that we marvel at. Aside from helming the annual weekend mega audio montage Intro’s, he’s part of the early advance team that helps set-up the contest from KVSC’s side. In 2021, Tommy was an integral part of how we pulled off the contest remotely, with phone hotline volunteers safely taking your calls in the comfort of their homes. Welcome Tommy to the most trivial of all Hall of Fames, but, the one with the most heart.

Volunteer: Delia “Dorf” Waldorf

Dorf’s trivia story is one of a happy accident, for KVSC. She was a key member of team Far Q when she took a desperate call from Trivia headquarters. It seems a couple hours into the contest five years back or so, someone made an error in uploading team numbers in the scoring system (we blame Jo, she has come to accept this). This resulted in the scoring system failing miserably—and Dorf was just the person to fix the blunder. We’re so very proud to say that she’s been on our IT/scoring/point dispute team ever since. What an honor to have a kind, intelligent, and respected member on Team KVSC. If you found solace, laughs, mental challenge, friendship, and goodness in Trivia 2021, you owe a great deal of gratitude to Delia Waldorf, the mastermind of the remote phone calling system that allowed us to move forward. Welcome to the Hall of Fame, friend.


Team: Nonessential Government Workers

The ironic thing is, they are completely an essential team competing in Trivia Weekend. The team has been a top ten finisher for a number of years, competing long distance from St. Paul, Minnesota. Nonessential Government Workers began playing trivia in 1995, so Trivia 2020: It’s About Time marks their 25th year in this fact finding weekend of madness. Congratulations to captain Sandy and her team for their resilience and top tier performance!

Volunteer: Andrea Balistreri

Also known as Drrrty A in the Goat Posse, has been with Trivia for more than 13 years starting out at KVSC as on-air talent, then assistant program director and production director during her student tenure. Now, during Trivia Weekend, Andrea seems to be everywhere at KVSC – we can count on her arriving two days early to help with setting up trivia, taking time slots on the air, in the phone bank, and even helping out with taking a last minute 4-hour shift opening and closing questions this year. Congratulations!

Sponsor: Green Mill

In 2020 we are recognizing long-time trivia weekend sponsor the Green Mill. Thank you to Charlie Spanier and his team at St. Cloud’s Green Mill. They have been part of food sponsor program since the late 1990’s. The KVSC and UTVS volunteers love the Green Mill’s pizza and we hope to continue our partnership into the years to come. Congratulations and thank you Green Mill staff in St. Cloud!


Team: Stefan’s Dream

How did they slip by? This stalwart team has won five times prior to being inducted into the Hall of Fame! Stefan’s Dream started in high school, have continued through the ‘getting married and having kids’ years…and continue to impress us with their kindness and competitive drive.

Volunteer: Not Wearing Pants, AKA Doug Asquith

We thought it was fleeting. We thought it was a fluke. Neither are true, but, indeed, he does not wear pants and now his volunteering has become a family affair. See, not wearing pants can be fun!

Sponsor: Paddy’s Game Shoppe

Local, creative, supportive. Congratulations to Gino and Dawn at Paddy’s Game Shoppe for their sponsor award. Gino creates team prize packages that correlate to the annual theme and supports gaming year-round in Central Minnesota. That’s no trivial matter.


Team: Freaks and Geeks!

For years the mighty three from the Zenith City has competed. In 2018 they add a fourth soul and receive well-deserved Hall of Fame honors!

Volunteer: Colorado, AKA Professor Debra Japp

She pulls mega shifts, she double checks her anwers with amazing redundancy, and Debra is the kindest soul we know!

Viking Coca-Cola: Providing Bubbly Beverages for our Volunteers

Isn’t is just awesome when a big company keeps it local? Thank you Viking Coca-Cola for your ongoing support of Trivia Weekend.


Team: Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies

Where Nerds, Jocks, Burnouts and the Popular gather, and thrive for 20 years!

Volunteer: Steaming Pile, AKA Paul Cannon

37-year history of competing and volunteering, his kindness inspires

Kemps Dairy: Providing Healthy Beverages for our Volunteers

A big thank MOO to Kemps Dairy for their long time sponsor support


Team: LDE: Last Ditch Effort (and various themed incarnations!)

Love Prevails, Friendships Flourish and Trivia Endures with LDE

Volunteer: Derrick Silvestri — SCSU Television Studios & UTVS Advisor

Master of the Cathode Ray Tube and Inspired Set Assemblage

Erbert and Gerbert’s Subs–Deliciousness for 20 Years!

Providing Comet Morehouse, Boney Billy and Narmer for Volunteers!


Team: GBCRE (Gots Books Can’t Read ‘Em) Goodbye Farewell & Amen

Flipping Through the Pages of Trivia Time, Can’t Read ‘Em!

Volunteer: James Kantor aka Peggy

Fun & Games Developer for Phone Bank and Purveyor of Volunteer Prizes

Ciatti’s Ristorante–Long Time Sponsor

Masters of Mostacholi and Baked Breadsticks for Volunteers


Team: Penguin & Frog:

Sibling Stamina for Answers!

Volunteer: Chad Roberts aka Charlie Brown

Tenacious Disputer of Points

Bravo Burritos–Long time Sponsor

Smothering KVSC in Deliciousness


Team: D.O.A. Hole

KVSC Staff: Alex Hartman Technical Staff who goes above and beyond his job requirements every year

Bo Diddley’s Pub & Deli — Key Sponsor and year-round supporters of KVSC


Team: Pirates of the Cranium, blended brainpower of 15+ years

Volunteer: Technoman (Dan Dillman) Veteran talent of the phone bank and kind soul to newbies

Writer: Tim MacDonald, he may be imported, but he’s a fine trivia vintage.


Team: A Few Screws Loose–Calmly Championing Trivialities

Volunter:Princess Buttercup–(Melissa Fiedler) Undisputaple Hero of Trivia Support Team

Red Carpet Nightclub–Key Sponsor and Official Revelers of Trivia


Team ET–Naughty But Nice Team

Chuck Wiser “Gypsy McGreevy”–Inspiring Spirit of Trivia


Team Voodoo Dolls–Most Bewitching Team

Emy Richardson–Resolute Resource from the East…


No Static At All–Most Receptive Team

Cari Ness–Noble Princess of Trivia Weekend

Ricky “Wayne” Bergerson–KVSC’s very own folkie…

Sawatdee Thai Restaurant in St. Cloud

Providing delectable volunteer sustenance for more than 15 years.


Mississippi Tim Squillace, KVSC’s very own…

KVSC’s very own Mississippi Tim Squillace has been Workin’ His Mojo Magic for Trivia nearly 20 years! Mississippi Tim has spent many a year behind the microphone at KVSC sharing his love of music with us. Each of the last two decades Tim has hosted a Trivia radio show as well—even when the programming department schedules his trivia show at 4 a-m.

You may know Tim as the former long-time host of the Whole Lotta Blues program. Currently Mississippi Tim hosts the Root Cellar program every Sunday (a newer show he developed). This show features Americana/Alternative Country, and Roots music.

Aside from his radio show, and wealth of musician/artist knowledge, Tim has an artistic side that includes assisting the Shake A Hamster band (in-house trivia band) with lyrics to their parody songs and writing the song “Willie” which was recorded by the local band Collective Unconscious.

The trivia writers honor him as a walking fountain of music knowledge and offer to throw in the towel if Mississippi Tim ever decided to write trivia questions.

Gary “The Z-Man”Zimmermann

I like to call Gary Zimmermann the hardest workin’ man in cable access. I don’t think this statement is hyperbole either. He may also be a big self-promoter, but his intentions are sincere…all in the name of sharing community news and information. Gary has featured KVSC’s trivia weekend as a spotlight topic on his cable access show for nearly 15 years. He has developed a devoted following to the Gary Zimmermann show. Gary takes his job as a television host and producer very seriously.

However, Z-Man cuts loose every trivia weekend. You can find him co-hosting segments at UTVS-Television. His “Love Line” late night/early morning live advice show on UTVS is now legendary… His advice to “make her pot roast” says enough. Gary is also a voice of the KVSC challenge line and local celeb. Paparazzi are known to stalk him at various Central Minnesota grocery stores and dining establishments. We’re proud to welcome the Z-Man to KVSC’s Trivia Hall of Fame.

Trouble Among the Cheerleaders—Perkiest Team

We gleefully welcome Trouble Among the Cheerleaders (TAC) as our 2006 Trivia Hall of Fame Inductees. They’ve worked hard, earned their induction, one cheer at a time. Plus, we love the cheerleader costumes worn every year at the awards ceremony. Here’s a bit of TAC’s sordid history, from team captain Jeffrey Pederson.

We started out as team Treatment Bound in 1995 during Dial T for Trivia. We have played both from a closet sized apartment here in Cloud, as well as numerous attempts from the Minneapolis area. One Cities try yielded us 10th place, our crowning glory. We once managed to plug a toilet in an apartment and flood the basement of the law offices below us, resulting in me volunteering my time to move files all day Saturday. The worst was that we had to go to Herberger’s in order to relieve ourselves all weekend.

One year we lost our long distance service while we were in Minneapolis and had to dial 10-10-220 all weekend. This was of course in the years before widespread cell phone usage. We also lost the signal every time a jet would fly overhead (no online streaming then). We have had to many fun, and more than likely typical, adventures during trivia weekend. We always look forward to the contest, and I do not think any of us could survive without it. That empty feeling after Trivia Weekend, it pains me to think about it.

Here is a list of the tried and true cheerleaders who deserve three “rah, rah, rahs!”:

  • Jeffrey Pederson – Team Captain
  • Andrea Pederson – The wife of the captain who has an excuse for his behavior
  • Justin France – The king of online “research”
  • Amy France – She who is proud of the researcher
  • Amy Wolbeck – the notebook nazi and undisputed point disputer
  • Andrew Pederson – brother, and resident I’ll catch up on sleep for the rest of you
  • Astra Seitz – She makes really good food
  • John Seitz – The guy who keeps our morale up
  • Bob Huebner – He got the big question in only his second or third appearance
  • Ryland Nelson and Dane Smith – The “we’ll cover Saturday night guys”
  • Sam Bahe – The only rude phone person on our team, but a whiz at music
  • Chris Seiving – our phone a friend from Indiana


Divine Duo of the Trivia Realm: Chad and Nova Schmitz

Chad and Nova Schmitz became part of the KVSC trivia family in the mid-1990’s…and they’ve grown the station’s trivia family by recruiting dozens of family members and friends to volunteer each February. Chad and Nova are two of the question writers, who also happen to not so secretly adore Rick Springfield. They played on teams for several years before joining the dark side, errr….becoming trivia writers. They brought with them a new level of preparedness, a process for web-proofing questions, developing the math run-around question, a better point setting system, and easy going attitudes. Chad and Nova are a trivia treat every February, for KVSC, teams, and volunteers alike.

Most Innovative Trivia Telecasters: UTVS

UTVS has been broadcasting KVSC’s trivia weekend on and off since the mid-1980’s. The station is completely run by students, from camera operators to talent to station management. They have grown up and matured LIVE on the air. UTVS’s broadcast coverage of trivia weekend has expanded from minimal score updates and very little live broadcasts to building sophisticated sets to match the trivia theme, pre-production promotional work, amazing graphics, schedule coordination, and of course, the annual Love Line segment. Can you imagine the enormous challenge of programming 50 hours of live television? All of us at KVSC salute our media comrades for innovative and creative programming. We love UTVS for their enthusiasm and support, along with the occasional rivalry challenges (KVSC rules in office chair races, they dominate in ping-pong).

Tenacious Trivia Team: Digital Dungeon Dwellers

Digital Dungeon Dwellers began playing KVSC’s trivia contest during the Trivia Attack year of 1990. That makes 2005 their 16 year competing in the marathon trivia contest. Team members on Digital Dungeon Dwellers are known to have a ritual or two up their collective sleeves. They recognize teammates who are responsible for getting a large point question by allowing them to wear an Army type helmet with KVSC stickers on it …this helmet has been dubbed the “Brain Bucket.” In 2002, the team temporarily split for geographical reasons…therefore two Brain Bucket helmets were created. The team now competes from Vernon Center, Minnesota. In 2005 they competed under the team name 2X/X-6 = 12/X-6 Solve for X. We have put them in the Trivia Hall of Fame as Digital Dungeon Dwellers. Let’s see which name they use in 2006


Most Creative Announcer: Andy Valenty On the Air as John Drake

John Drake’s voice has been part of Your Sound Alternative for 25 years. He has held many director positions at KVSC while a student, including programming, music, and training director. He is currently a valuable member of KVSC’s Community Advisory Board, and of course, host of TWO excellent weekly programs. John Drake is the voice and creative energy behind The Area program. It’s broadcast every Monday from 7-10pm focusing on St. Cloud and Minnesota artists. He is also the psychedelically influenced, long-standing host of the Classic Rock show from 10pm to 2am every Sunday night.

John Drake (Andy Valenty) has been part of Trivia weekend for 22 years. In fact, he was the first to host Trivia Weekend Live on the air. You can call him the Lou Gerig of Trivia Weekend in our opinion. He approaches each trivia weekend with creativity and inspiration—both in his music choices and ‘costume design’ to match the theme. Little known fact: he is the official scrivener of the Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy and creator of several trivia posters of days of yore.

The Good Guys Win

The Goat Posse–Fareed Guyot (Captain F), Eric Wildgrube, Brett Hudoba, Chad Eggen & their mascot Ewe2 For nearly a decade, this group of fellas has made a pilgrimage and commitment to what is the war room of trivia weekend—the phone bank. Fareed and his posse of fellow SCSU alums have effectively streamlined the start-up of trivia weekend. They are the phone supervisors (trainers) and staffers for the inaugural phone shift of every trivia weekend. They set the tone: fun, creative, and efficient! Aside from taking the hundreds of thousands of calls from trivia teams, the Goat Posse has been a creative force behind trivia. Fareed and Eric produce the annual pre-trivia “pump you up” piece…broadcast about 5-10 minutes prior to question number one, hour one. The entire crew also heads to the cramped production studio each weekend to crank out a wide assortment of challenges…you may know some of their work: “I Can”, “Journey to Hour 25”, and “Wedding Stink.”

Above all, these guys are the good guys… they like to dance and party with Hamsters…ahem, and goats…’til Monday.

Time Tested & Proven Team: Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women

Team captain Tim Lyon has a bit of experience with KVSC’s trivia weekend. While at SCSU he was KVSC’s News Director and an on-air host…and many moons later, he formed his trivia team. In 1990 the team formed in a small apartment with books all over the floor. The team had no fear of calling anywhere; such as the Vatican, Scotland Yard, and a McDonald’s in Russia. In 1991, they adopted their current name based on a reference book that chronicles human oddities. Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women have worked hard, and it’s paid off…they’re 3-peat champions of Trivia Weekend, in 1999, 2000, and 2004. Look out GDI Dynasty.

Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women are a close knit group of friends, from all parts of the country. The team is known to be kind to the phone bank volunteers, point dispute workers and the question writers. They appreciate trivia weekend and everything else KVSC offers the community year-round.

One Hard Workin’ Woman: Jo McMullen

Okay, I write these BIOs, so this will be brief. I’ve had a passion for KVSC and radio for a long-time. I listened to 88.1FM while I attended Tech High School in St. Cloud. I really liked the variety of different music. I won a prize on the air during Kirby Puckett day circa 1987 (I knew all his minor league teams, yup; I was one of those kinds of kids). My first album purchase was inspired by KVSC…Shriekback’s “Oil and Gold.” I volunteered and then worked at KVSC while attending SCSU. My best experiences and deepest friendships were made with fellow KV’ers. I was named the Station Manager in 1992 and I’ve loved the job ever since.

I often refer to Trivia Weekend as “The Beast” (at least every December-mid-February ). It’s become an amazing part of Your Sound Alternative…and we’re so thankful that teams, volunteers, the alumni, and friends get together in the heart of winter to have a little fun.


The Quintessential Team

Panties Waaay Too Tight represents the essence of a team that competes in KVSC’s trivia shindig. They’ve been playing for 17 years (since 1986). Panties can be called a ‘unique’ team. As question writer Peter Hammerlink points out, “Many things go into their bodies, but yet many answers still come out. Eventually we will induct their livers into the Hall of Fame.” Panties Waaay Too Tight is a force of many – old, young, big and small, but they come together and usually finish in the top 10 every year.

Superhero of the Phone Bank

Chad Lian has been a volunteer for KVSC’s trivia weekend for 13 years. He started as a work-study student (back when there was only 10 lines on the trivia answer hotline) and continues to commute from the Twin Cities to lend a hand. He is known on the phones as “The Other One” and often supervises the phone bank and takes team calls. He may be a bit quiet, but he rules with an even hand! Chad also helps out on the air and expresses his rock and roll lifestyle.

Outstanding Sponsor Award

Locally owned and operated Bernick’s Pepsi has been a trivia weekend sponsor for more than 15 years. Bernick’s has provided a legal stimulant for the volunteers at trivia central—caffeine. Bernick’s has also financially supported the success of trivia weekend. In recent years, our supply of Bernick’s beverages has run the gamut from healthy juices to the sugar filled Tahitian Treat. Of course, Dew runs through most of the volunteers’ veins for the 50 hour marathon.


Trivia Writer Goddess

Marie Richardson has 20 years of trivia weekend to her credit. She has played on a team, volunteered with KVSC, and for more than a decade has been a chief question writer. Marie is credited with (aside from causing agony for trivia players) streamlining the points system, making point & question disputes far more user-friendly, adding variety to the type of questions, and keeps the tradition of book-based questions ongoing. She’s also known for wearing unique animal slippers all weekend long.

Team Pigs R’ Us: Legal Enforcers of Trivia

Under the helm of Bruce Petersen, Pigs R’ Us is a team that has a long history with KVSC’s trivia contest. The Pigs R’ Us moniker began in 1993, but the team had a few different names in those early years, relating to local statutes and alleged “criminal” activity. As team captain, Bruce is known to award certain team members with awards and welcomes players to his team. Pigs R’ Us also is the official illegal activity monitoring agency of KVSC’s trivia weekend…with a full crime report issued at every awards ceremony.

He Scores Every Year!

Jim Gray is a former KVSC Program Director. He started at SCSU in 94, and led the programming helm for two years. After his graduation, he and his wife moved to North Dakota (we’re not sure why), but once a year they make their pilgrimage to Central Minnesota. Jim and Julia haul down a network of computers along with secretly guarded and coded software that allows them and the scads of scoring volunteers to keep track of nearly 70 trivia teams and thousands of trivia points. Jim is also an on air host over trivia weekend and helps with the point dispute line nearly every hour of the 50 hour contest. Jim is most proud to say that he gets to score for 50 hours straight!


Outstanding Team

Sigma Phi Nothing has been playing KVSC’s trivia weekend since 1986. Approximately 30 St. Cloud teammates get together in this multi-generational team. Sigma Phi won trivia weekend in 1993 (Trivia Trek) and have been a contending team each year. Way to go!

Historical Trivia Individual

The venerable Al Neff has been part of KVSC since 1981, the year after trivia weekend began. Al’s birthday often falls on trivia weekend, and he celebrates it annually with the KVSC family. Al Neff is known for taking on team challenges including 1,000 push ups (documented) one year over the 50 hours (he nearly died!) and eating the infamous Bravo Burrito of fire live on UTVS.

Question Guru

Gary Burt first played on a trivia team in the early years, known as “Bonzo Beans” He later teamed up with Tom Raich to become a trivia writer for KVSC. If you challenged a question, you may have talked to Mr. B, that’s Gary Burt. He was a chief question writer for more than 10 years. A guru is defined as “an intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concer” — ie. trivia! I recall Gary considering a trivia question that no team could answer as “the perfect trivia question”.


Question Writer

Tom Raich was a trivia question writer for 10 years from 1984-1993. He worked with both Mac and Gary Burt. Tom now listens to KVSC via the Internet while at work at Yale (he moved on from the Harvard gig!) Congratulations and thanks Tom. (Tom also played trivia weekend in 1982 and ’83 with “Phil and The Blanks”).

Trivia Team

Animal House has competed in 18 of the 21 years of trivia weekend… and note they’ve never finished lower than 7th place. Animal House won trivia weekend in 1986, 1989, and 1997. They took 2nd place in 2000. Animal House is team based out of Sartell, Minnesota and is hosted annually by the Hurd family.

Trivia Volunteer(s)

The Shake A Hamster Band was named into the Hall of Fame in 2000. KVSC’s in-house band, who perform exclusively for trivia weekend has astounded all of us with their talent, sense of humor, and trivia spirit. The band has existed for about a decade, and include the Power of Sauer Kraut horn section. “Trivia Gold” was released on cassette in 1996, and “Hamsterdam” was released in 1998. Nature (Nathan Nesje), Muggsy (Muggsy Lauer), Tedd Chopp, Jeff Engholm, Emily Sebasky, George Maurer and plenty of others continue to delight the KVSC staff and trivia fans alike!


Eminent Trivia Founder

Mac McMenamin

I first started to get interested in trivia when I was in high school and the Milwaukee Journal had a blurb in it’s “ Green Sheet” (the Comic section). It was an enjoyable mind challenge. When I went to college at UW-Stevens Point, the campus radio station (WWSP) had an annual Trivia Contest which seemed to attract a certain subculture of people on campus of which I was part of my senior year. The “Raft Apes,” the guys I lived with on my wing, managed to finish in first place. That win allowed “The Raft Apes” to be BMOC for a while.

Since I had been involved in hall government I tried to get involved in student housing programs. After graduating from UWSP, I managed to get a job at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. After two years I was ready to be more than a “House Father” so I got a job at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud. I was hired as Hall Director of W.W. Holes Hall. Since I had been involved with the Residence Hall Association as a Faculty Advisor and started to play with KVSC it seemed like a great thing to get RHA and KVSC to hook up and run a “Trivia Weekend” during the cold and freezing winter months for something to do. Other colleges and universities were doing it, so why couldn’t SCSU do it too? It was fun to start a “call in” program with four phone lines and see it grow!

After my stay at SCSU, I finished my MS in Education and got a job at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD as an Associate Director of Housing/Complex Director. I took my management and organizational skills and joined up with my cousin and her husband and started a manufacturing shop. We made a lot of different pieces but one thing we really got good at was tapping threads in millions of holes. When I went in for my annual physical in 1995, I had some concerns. I had been having some vision problems and some balance problems. After some tests and an MRI my problems were diagnosed as relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Just before Christmas of ‘96, I had a major relapse and spent ’97 in a nursing home. I now know what Plasmapherisis is and the great benefits it will have for people with MS.

I now live in Butler, Wisconsin. Since I have a Library Science minor with my undergraduate degree I play with the Butler Library Board. The Butler Library was the only library in our county to get a Bill Gates Grant, so now we have some really cool computers to play with. Now the trick is to figure out how they work. 🙂 Since home computers were the new up and coming thing when we started Trivia at SCSU, and you couldn’t just Google something to get the answer…, I can only imagine how hard it is to put Trivia together today. -Michael (Mac) McMenamin

Outstanding Trivia Team


In 1982, a SCSU journalism professor gathered a dozen Chronicle writers, lawyers and friends for a poker game in Sauk Rapids that morphed into a trivia team named GDI. From 1984 until its fifth and final trivia cup in 1996, GDI served variously as the contest’s hard-luck darling (losing twice on the big-point questions) and as a NY Yankees (dominant winner) clone. Although GDI was one of the first teams to first embrace then eschew the cyber highway, a two-year run as GDI-Luddite (no stinking Internet) convinced hard-core GDI faithful that their heyday as a smart, resourceful and creative gang reuniting each February for a think-and-drink winter picnic was over. Like some of the marvelous competitors and winners that have loosely followed the GDI model, GDI was, and still is, a ragtag group of 100 people ranging in age from 4 to 80, in a dozen states, representing eclectic professions and SCSU majors. GDI veterans still can be found playing on existing teams or experiencing post-trivia stress syndrome. GDI is honored to have been the charter team named to the KVSC Trivia Hall of Fame in 1999.

Outstanding Trivia Volunteer

Charlie Chirhart [aka Darth Raider]

Much thanks to team GDI for donating a permanent plaque to KVSC for the inductees. The plaque will be housed at the KVSC studios and allows for additional inductees to be listed annually.