KVSC is dedicated to playing a variety of progressive, independent and local music. We encourage all aspiring musicians to send us music but remember there is no guarantee that your submission will be played. Each week, we receive an abundance of material to review. If you can’t get a hold of us immediately, please be patient.


Local Music

We strive to review as many records as possible. However, we are especially attentive to local artists. Minnesota artists are encouraged to conspicuously label their music as such; this helps ensure that records do not fall through the cracks. The process of reviewing music can be lengthy. Even if you submit local music, please allow us some time to review it. Also, being a local artist will only get you so far. We judge everyone by the same scale: quality.

Submission Tips


We accept CDs, vinyl, and MP3s only. Please do not send the following: tapes, DATS, websites, video, reel-to-reel, minidisks, etc. We simply don’t have the ability to process such formats. We also prefer whole albums or EPs to singles. We do like decent album artwork in both CD and vinyl format so feel free to try to impress.

MP3s can be emailed to, but again please consider sending whole albums as opposed to one song. It is rare for us to keep only one song on file for a band.

CDs and vinyl can be mailed to:

KVSC 88.1 FM
Attention: Music Department 
720 Fourth Avenue South
27 Stewart Hall, SCSU
Saint Cloud, MN 56301-4498


We appreciate press sheets containing information about the band, such as location, members, perhaps a RIYL, etc. However, in our opinion, less is more. We suggest bands limit their material to one information sheet.

Tracking Calls

You are welcome to try and contact us regarding previously sent music, but please remember that we receive a high volume of calls each day.


Please consider these simple guidelines when working with the KVSC Music Department, as they will ensure the best possible working relationship. Thanks kindly and have a wonderful day!