About Trivia Weekend

The History of KVSC’s Trivia Marathon

Trivia Weekend was created to alleviate Minnesota’s infamous cabin fever and debuted in 1980 with 25 teams participating. In 2019, Trivia Weekend celebrated its 40th anniversary, attracting 47 teams, more than 20 teams played via the Internet from various parts of the country and globally. As the weekend grew in popularity over the years, so did its organizational sophistication. For many years we have seen teams join forces, and what was once an individual team can now be 2 to 4 teams combining into a super team. Visit our Trivia History page for more background on the contents, including the Hall of Fame.

How Does Trivia Weekend Work?

Each year, a different theme is chosen to pay homage to a particular phenomena or pop culture reference. The questions asked represent a broad range of categories including but not limited to: movies, music, sports, science and history. Of course, teams can expect to be bombarded with many theme-based questions. After a team registers, it receives the official trivia kit, which includes a visual-trivia packet and two collectible posters. Kits are mailed to all teams outside the St. Cloud metro area.

Trivia Weekend is typically scheduled for the second weekend of February and begins on Friday at 5 p.m. Participating teams will endure 50 hours of non-stop trivia. Each hour, nine questions are broadcast on KVSC 88.1FM. The contest also features speed rounds (double questions), audio and visual trivia as well as “one and done” questions where teams get only one guess. Teams outside the Central Minnesota area are highly encouraged to play as well. Each year, many teams play nationwide and sometimes internationally via the web streaming.

To ensure team success, we recommend that each team have a recording device in close proximity– it comes in handy when audio trivia questions are broadcast. There is no limit on team size. The KVSC crew recommends that all teams have reference books, a steady supply of caffeine, extra cell phones and high speed Internet access. Please refer to the rules page to learn more about how to specifically compete.