Trivia Team Registration


The teams listed below are registered for U Can’t Touch This 2020 1/2. The numeric order below represents the order in which a team registered, not to be confused with a team’s code number to compete with during Trivia Weekend.

**NEW! Trivia Visuals for U Can’t Touch This

We have posted 6 visual images on KVSC’s Facebook page. Take a look here, and, how they’ll work in the contest. You may need to scroll down the page to see the visual images, posted Monday, April 13. While you’re there, why don’t ya like us 🙂 too.

We have posted the RULES for U Can’t Touch This. <–you should touch that link though.

Live video stream of U Can’t Touch This

Curious how KVSC’s special remote Trivia Weekend is working? Have a voyeuristic curiosity? Of course you do, that’s why you’re playing in a 10-hour trivia contest. CLICK HERE to watch the Livestream. Also, tip your technical hat in the direction of Coco of the Goat Posse for making this an uncomfortable reality. Really, radio people on video?

We have U Can’t Touch This Merch…and KVSC is a recipient of your purchases

Check out our Zazzle Store with a neat variety of swag for Trivia 2020 1/2. There’s a nice assortment of T-shirts in different styles, a coffee mug, poster, tote bag (we ARE public radio after all) and other fun stuff. Also, KVSC receives a slice of every item sold. Win-win (even if you don’t win the contest ;).

Welcome WTIP-Northshore Community Radio-Live Trivia Affiliate!

Our friends at WTIP 90.7 FM in Grand Marais, MN are simulcasting Trivia: U Can’t Touch This 2020 1/2. We hope you have fun our friends in beautiful Cook County, and fellow Ampers station. Trivia is a little weird, but, we think you’ll like it!

Thank you to Goat Posse member Dude, AKA Brett Hudoba, for his design work.

Teams registered for U Can’t Touch This 2020 1/2:

  1. Nerd party- St. Paul, MN
  2. Anyone Who Wants a Test Can Get a Trivia Contest- St. Paul, MN
  3. Sigma Phi Nothing- Sauk Rapids, MN
  4. Six Feet Under- Appleton, WI
  5. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys- Sartell, MN
  6. Pull-start Diesel– St. Cloud, MN
  7. Don’t Stand So Close to Me, City and State not submitted
  8., MN
  9. Nonessential Government Workers- St. Paul, MN
  10. Google Your Own Adventure- Otsego, MN
  11. E=MC Hammered- Sartell, MN
  12. Murray Made Me Do It 2.0- Minneapolis, MN
  13. Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies– Hopkins, MN
  14. Team Brian– Simi Valley, CA
  15. The Elsers- Millersville, MD
  16. Curtain Call- Sauk Rapids, MN
  17. Team Discovery Channel- Madison, WI
  18. Oh The Places We’d Go- Sartell, MN
  19. Socially Distant Freaks & Geeks- Duluth, MN
  20. Knee Deep in TP– Winona, MN
  21. Team ET Wants to Flatten Your Curves – Xenia, OH
  22. Mongo’s Loosemeat Sandwich Assembly RQD – Sauk Rapids, MN
  23. TEAM POPCORN, Los Angeles, CA
  24. The Inner Circle -Wisconsin (no city listed)
  25. You need to stay 6 feet back from these triple D’s! – Vernon Center, MN
  26. 24th Avenue Kids- St. Cloud, MN
  27. You Can’t Flatten Our Boob Tube’s Curves– Brooklyn Park, MN
  28. 6 Foot Minimum- St. Paul, MN
  29. Voodoo Panties- St. Cloud, MN
  30. Pirates of the Cranium – Milaca, MN
  31. Idiots Out Walking Around 6-Feet Apart – Guthrie Center, IA
  32. Julia Solo- St. Cloud, MN
  33. The Lone Rangers- Clearwater, MN
  34. Take Me Back to Hackensack – Hackensack, MN
  35. Hans off my Solo – Lennox, SD
  36. Chair Leg of Truth – Chaska, MN
  37. Squirrels That Prefer to Social Distance – St. Joseph, MN
  38. Porcupine Petting Zoo – Eagan, MN
  39. SCAR Dolls: stay 6ft back or we will whip ya – St. Cloud, MN
  40. OBT South: Unmasking the Trivia – Bloomington, MN
  41. Hammer Time – Sartell, MN
  42. Stay 6ft Away From Our Ditka – St. Cloud, MN
  43. Orange – Redmond, WA
  44. We are Emotional Distancing Too! – Hartford, WI
  45. Corona gets its lime – Sauk Rapids, MN
  46. House of Insanity – Minneapolis, MN
  47. Nuyorican Poet Soiree – somewhere on the planet (no city, state listed)
  48. A Few Screws Loose – Sauk Rapids, MN
  49. CoughPot Posse – Seattle, WA
  50. Far Q’uarantine – Sauk Rapids, MN
  51. Your Tax Dollars Working From Home – St. Cloud, MN
  52. Cheese Knife – Tofte, MN
  53. Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants – St. Cloud, MN
  54. It Virtually Doesn’t Matter – Becker, MN
  55. Enjoy the Man(demic) Explosion! – Minneapolis, MN
  56. Non-Essential Phone Bank Workers – Clearwater, MN
  57. Struggle bus – Winsted, MN
  58. Frisking The Shifty – St. Cloud, MN
  59. Stepmom Drama – St. Paul, MN
  60. Salmonella Fitzgerald – Grand Marais, MN
  61. Gamers Denizens of the Deep – Cambridge, MN
  62. Korona Killers – Sartell, MN
  63. Scooters Compooters – Duluth, MN
  64. Art of Viral Noise – New London, MN
  65. Learned Pigs and Scooby Doo are Over Six Feet Apart – St. Cloud, MN
  66. Quarantina Turner – Burnsville, MN
  67. Whammy On The Other Side-count me in for 10 trivia points – Becker, MN
  68. Marshall Desperados – Marshall, MN
  69. Rated: SD-17 for Inappropriate Jokes – Minneapolis, MN
  70. LDE 2 Legit 2 Quit -Waite Park, MN
  71. MOONGLOW 10/4 – somewhere on the planet (no city, state listed)
  72. Don’t Touch My Brewskies – Hopkins, MN
  73. Biblio-files – Albany, MN
  74. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to – St. Cloud, MN
  75. Boba’s Fettish – Richfield, MN
  76. THE TUNE SQUAD – Stevens Point, WI
  77. Stretchy Pants, In Your Room, Just For Fun – St. Cloud, MN
  78. Stop! Hammer Time Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! – Chisago City, MN
  79. Carole Baskin’s Late Nite Tiger Treats – St. Cloud, MN
  80. Quarantine in the Banana Stand – Osseo, MN
  81. Jet Blast Jockeys – Latrobe, PA
  82. Trouble Among the Cheerleaders – St. Cloud, MN
  83. One Hit Wonders – Rice, MN
  84. Warm Goat Spring University Digital Campus – St. Cloud, MN
  85. Christopher Reeves is cool – Atlanta, GA
  86. Lascivious Synchronized Disco – St. Cloud, MN
  87. One If By Hand, Two If Bi-Curious – Pittsburgh, PA
  88. Team Texas – Odessa, TX
  89. …And I’ll form the head! – VTC (somewhere on planet earth)
  90. Hamsterdam Bunnies – St. Cloud, MN
  91. Pandemic! At the Disco – New Orleans, LA
  92. COVID-eo Killed The Radio Star – Dassel, MN
  93. Meyer Meyer hammer pants and PPE required – St. Paul, MN
  94. Vandalay Industries -Madison, WI
  95. E=MC Hammer – Grand Marais, WI
  96. Dynamic Dancing Quokkas – Stratton, Western Australia
  97. The Early Nerd Cleans Its Germ Hole -Roseville, MN
  98. Beer Pressure – St. Cloud, MN
  99. Cool For Catz – Minneapolis, MN
  100. Earl Grey Lover(s) – Grand Marais, MN
  101. 2 Legit 2 Quit: The MC Person Story – Sioux Falls, SD
  102. Spank the Virus – Elk River, MN

February 2020 Contest Info

TRIVIA 2020: It’s About Time is February 14-16, 2020

KVSC’s 41st annual Trivia Weekend is fast approaching! Trivia 2020 registration will be begin on Monday, December 16 and will continue until 4:30 p.m on Friday, February 14. The KVSC offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m weekdays, except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and federal holidays. KVSC is located in Stewart Hall, room 27 (basement level) on the campus of St. Cloud State University. The cost to play is $50 for community teams and is FREE for college and high school teams. Download your registration forms below and join us for the 41st annual Trivia Weekend!

Also, you can volunteer on the Trivia Phone Bank Hotlines–this is the magical engine that churns the 50-hour contest into a successful event.

Links below for Registration Info:

**New registration information for 2020 available now!

Registered Team Information

Trivia 2020 Team Letter

Trivia 2020 Registration Kit