Trivia Team Registration

TRIVIA 2020: It’s About Time is February 14-16, 2020

KVSC’s 41st annual Trivia Weekend is fast approaching! Trivia 2020 registration will be begin on Monday, December 16 and will continue until 4:30 p.m on Friday, February 14. The KVSC offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m weekdays, except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and federal holidays. KVSC is located in Stewart Hall, room 27 (basement level) on the campus of St. Cloud State University. The cost to play is $50 for community teams and is FREE for college and high school teams. Download your registration forms below and join us for the 41st annual Trivia Weekend!

Also, you can volunteer on the Trivia Phone Bank Hotlines–this is the magical engine that churns the 50-hour contest into a successful event.

Links below for Registration Info:

**New registration information for 2020 available now!

Registered Team Information

Trivia 2020 Team Letter

Trivia 2020 Registration Kit


The teams listed below are registered for Trivia 2020: It’s About Time. The numeric order below represents the order in which a team registered, not to be confused with a team’s assigned number to compete with during Trivia Weekend.

Does your team have a website we can link to? Is your team link on this page broken? Links can be sent to to be posted.

Stefan’s Dream and It Just Doesn’t Matter were waiting on the first day of registration

Time will tell what teams register for 2020!

Teams registered for Trivia University: (these are NOT team numbers for 2020):

  1. Stefan’s Dream  XXI: If He Could Urn Back Time
  2. It Just Doesn’t Matter
  3. 24th Avenue Kids
  4. Porcupine Petting Zoo
  5. Meyer Tire Tracks on Fire
  6. When Our Boob Tube Hits 88 mph…
  7. Mongo’s Loosemeat Sandwich Assembly REQD
  8. House of Insanity
  9. Sigma Phi Nothing
  10. Google Your Own Time Adventure
  11. The Era Before Menopause Was a Bloody Period
  12. Nerd Party
  13. Enjoy the Man Explosion!
  14. What Would Learned Pigs and Scooby Doo?
  15. Doc Squirrel – Back To The Nuts
  16. A Few Screws Loose
  17. Wyld Stallyn’s Last Ditch Effort
  18. VooDoo Panties
  19. Year 2: Days of Drinking Past
  20. ET: Flux You and the DeLorean You Rode in on!
  21. DDD – Flux Capaci-Tator Tot Hotdish
  22. Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants
  23. Knee Deep in Theses
  24. Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys
  25. Nuyorican Poets Soiree
  26. Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies
  27. Nonessential Government Workers
  28. E = MC Hammered
  29. Pirates of the Cranium
  30. pigboatsdotcom/pizza-options
  31. Amateur Hour
  32. Pull-Start Diesel
  33. The Early Nerd Get the Wormhole
  34. Time For A Brewski
  35. Six Feet Under
  36. Awkward Turtle Heads
  37. Elect Ditka and Make Trivia Great Again
  38. Freaks & Geeks in a Hot Tub Time Machine
  39. Murray Made Me Do It
  40. Hot Tub Bondage Camel
  41. The Trivia Stone
  42. THE Tune Squad
  43. Warm Goat Springs University
  44. Kids in the Swamp (KITS): Pelvic Thrusters on Full
  45. There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand
  46. RaxaCrockPotFallapatrians
  47. The Results of Trouble Among the Cheerleaders
  48. 43 Green Ducklings!
  49. Far Q’s Bogus Journey