Trivia Team Registration: The Process

Trivia Weekend 2024 is February 16-18. The theme is CAMP TRIVIA, and Registration is underway!

Welcome to the Team Registration page for Camp Trivia. You can register in person at KVSC during business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or by mailing your registration form and registration fee to:

KVSC Radio
Dan Seeger
720 4th Avenue South
27 Stewart Hall, SCSU
Saint Cloud, MN 56301

The PDF of the Camp Trivia registration kit is at this link. We’ll have copies of the registration kit at the station, or you can print the PDF, fill out the registration form in advance, and bring it with you. To register by mail, simply complete the registration form in the packet and mail it to the address above along with a check payment made out to KVSC. The mailing information is also included on the registration form.

Alternatively, you can scan your completed form and email it to Dan Seeger at KVSC using the following address: We will contact you to arrange payment.

Camp Trivia t-shirts and can coolers are available for purchase at the station when you register your team. T-shirts are available in sizes S-4X. while supplies last. You can wear them with pride and help promote the contest for two months before the event!

Trivia Visuals for Camp Trivia will be emailed as a PDF to team captains after a completed registration is received. KVSC will provide hard copies of the Visual Trivia if you register in person. Bonus!

The deadline to register is 3:00 p.m. Friday, February 16, 2024.

2024 Registered Team Information

Matt – Neo Maxi Zoomdweebies

The list below shows all the teams that are registered to participate in Trivia 2024.

Teams Registered for Camp Trivia:

The numeric order below represents the order in which a team registered, not to be confused with a team’s code number to compete with during Trivia Weekend. Good luck and we’re looking forward presenting Trivia Weekend!

  1. Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies
  2. Nerd Party
  3. It Just Doesn’t Matter
  4. What Would Learned Pigs & Scooby Doo?
  5. Loosemeat Sandwich Assembly RQD
  6. Band Camp – Lost in the Woodwinds
  7. Stefan’s Dream 25: Aurora Stefanis
  8. LDE Goes to Legionville Band Camp??
  9. ET: W’hores for S’mores
  10. Porcupine Petting Zoo
  11. Sigma Phi Nothing
  12. 6 yrs of trivia, and all we want is S’MORE
  13. E = McHammered
  14. House of Insanity
  15. Team Squirrel
  16. Church of the Voo Doo Panties, WAAAY Too Tight
  17. Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants
  18. Knee Deep in Theses
  19. Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire
  20. Camp Morningwood: Pitching Tents with Full Salutes
  21. DDD – In Tents Nerdery
  22. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
  23. Nonessential Government Workers
  24. Google Your Own Adventure
  26. Our Boob Tube Pitches a Tent
  27. Kids at Camp Minniwawa
  28. Popcorn 3: Spooky Cabin Ghost Story
  29. Pirates of the Crannium
  30. Sedimentary, My Dear Watson
  31. Six Feet Under
  32. There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand
  33. The Tune Squad
  34. Pull-start Diesel
  35. Freaks & Geeks at Camp Half-Blood
  36. Warm Goat Springs University
  37. My Grandma Drank My Pot
  38. Holding Ditka With Bigfoot Is In Tents
  39. Teenage Dream(s)
  40. Camp Anawanna
  41. Skotak, What’s All This Lumber For?
  42. “We are the CITS so pity us…”
  43. League of extraordinarily ordinary trivia players
  44. Camp Crock Pot: S’More Posse Adventures
  45. Gen X Wizards
  46. Web Warriors
  47. Far Q Far Q Far Q Far Q Far Q Far Q Far Q Far Q