Donated Pottery

Become a member of independent public radio. KVSC 88.1FM. A special piece of pottery is a sweet way to say thank you too!

Pottery from Denise and Paul Morris of Ogilvie, MN

The hand-crafted pottery from Denise and Paul Morris, who are famous for their horse motifs, has been donated to help you become a listener member. As artists, they have a complimentary and symbiotic technique, Paul throws the pottery, Denise hand paints it. The delightful horse vases, using home-made glazes from the ashes of their fire, is available for a pledge of $100 or above to the on air host at 320-308-KVSC (5872) while supplies are available.

If you are a potter and would like to donate your pottery to KVSC, please contact Jo McMullen at or during business hours at 320-308-3053.