Granite City Radio Theater Season 10 Episode 4 SEASON FINALE with Special Musical Guest David Huckfelt

On May 4th (be with you) 2022, KVSC presented the SEASON FIANLE of our 10th season of the Granite City Radio Theater!

Our special musical guest David Huckfelt joined house band Collective Unconscious and mesmerized the crowd while the Shades Brigade crew got freaky with the CIA, SuccessCo “moved” into a new product field, the Honorable Mayor Proclamated, Wild Scholastica pontificated, and our Central Minnesotaricans’ comedic commentary coined the phrase “Triad of Mayhem and Destruction.”

The REAL drama, however, took place during Dan Barth’s Trivia Challenge with contestants David Huckfelt, Al Neff, and defending champion Heidi Jeub.  Could Heidi hold on the her title throughout the entire 10th Season?  Listen and find out!

This program was made possible partially from funding from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund!

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