Granite City Radio Theater Season 7 Episode 3 with Adam Hammer

Marking the end of the winter in grand fashion, the Granite City Radio Theater’s third episode of its seventh season brought some much needed warmth to central Minnesota airwaves the night of Wednesday, March 13, 2019.  It was cuddly, but not in a weird way . . . 

What ever do we mean?

Well, we had special musical guest, local musical icon Adam Hammer joining Collective Unconscious and showing us why he’s the Musical Director from GREAT Theater’s production of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.

We also had the Shade’s Brigade crew meet up with new and old friends right here in St. Cloud as writer Eric Webster digs deep into Minnesota history to “solve old crimes” (and there were A LOT of them!)

Dam Barth’s Trivia Challenge reaches new depths of triviality . . .

Speaking of new depths, Lena and Ole hold a press conference to address an immerging crisis.

SuccessCo once again sponsors parts of the show with products you should probably buy.

Wild Scholastica goes to the 2019 State Hockey Tournament.

The Honorable Mayor Dave Kleis waxes inspirational about the snow.

AND one of our esteemed cast members prepares for her St. Cloud citizenship test.  How do you think you would do?

See, cuddly, but not weird!

This program is funded in part by a Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.

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