The Granite City Radio Theater Season 6 Episode 2 with Special Musical Guest Mary Jane Alm

Our winter installment of the Granite City Radio Theater shook the snow off the trees and melted the ice on the streets!  Here are some highlights from the podcast:

The Shades Brigade solved one mystery only to find that one of their own was in desperate need of help! 

Ole helped Lena and the Lutheran League take on the ominous Legion of L.O.O.M. in a complex lefse scheme that threatened to diminish one of central Minnesota’s greatest traditions!

Dan Barth’s Trivia got weird!

KVSC unveiled a new 24 hour news service!

The Honorable Mayor waxed poetic as Christmas and politics mixed!

AND, Mary Jane Alm joined house band Collective Unconscious for a lively holiday treat! 

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.


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