The Granite City Radio Theater Season 7 Episode 4, The Season Finale featuring Jeremy Messersmith

Well then! Season 7 of the Granite City Radio Theater has come to a close . . . and it was EPIC!

First off, Special Musical Guest Jeremy Messersmith transfixed the audience with songs of wit, wisdom, and wonder with some help from our ever ethereal house band Collective Unconscious!

Secondly, the Shade’s Brigade Crew dove deep into our Central Minnesotan timeline to bridge the paradox between drama and comedy!

Thirdly, Dan Barth’s Trivia Challenge was so inspiring with its comic book first round, that its affected the way we’ve decided to type up sentences from now on! (It’s a writing joke, dontchaknow!)

Fourthly, Ole n Lena saved a Historic Trolley ride from a Stearns County Cluck-Nado! (with a little help from Collective Unconscious and Jeremy Messersmith . . . making his live animal acting debut!)

Fifthly, SuccessCO continued its borderline support of the show through a total lack of common sense!

Sixthly, The Honorable Mayor Dave Klies not only judged a SuccessCO Grillmaster Showdown, but he also shared a poem from the heart about fear, loneliness, and a stolen trident!

Seventhly, Wild Scholastica went to Prom!

Eighthly, there was some real fun that was had during the intermission . . . which is included in this here podcast!

Thank you again for your ears, your laughter, and your hearts for all these seven seasons! Have a great summer from the Granite City Radio Theater !

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.!

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