The Untold Story of Racial Experience in the Wake of the Death of George Floyd with Shonda Craft, SCSU Dean of the School of Health and Human Services

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In today’s Untold Story of Central Minnesota, Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack talks with SCSU Dean of the School of Health and Human Services, Shonda Craft about the impact of the death of George Floyd upon the variety of different communities that have been affected.

As this is certainly a time for reflection and conversation, those reflections and conversations can be difficult . . . even when the experience is desired and agreed upon. With the challenge of civil unrest, at times the conversation can even get sidetracked. However, the conversation must continue.

This podcast includes the entire interview. As the aired version needed to be edited for time, we at KVSC felt that everything needed to be included because this is such an important conversation to be having at this very important time in our history.

For your chance to help out folks in the Twin Cities in any way you feel you can, the Star Tribune has compiled a list.

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.

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