Tim Sparks and James Buckley Riff on “Jukebox Dreamin”

Minneapolis musicians Tim Sparks and James Buckley played a show in support of the duo’s new CD “Jukebox Dreamin” at Bo Diddley’s Pub and Deli in January 2019.

Tim Sparks is well-known as a finger-picking guitar specialist, playing in jazz group Rio Nido for over 40 years. Double bassist James Buckley leads his own jazz trio and is an in-demand musician. Buckley has played numerous local music projects—including The Pines, Lizzo, Gayngs and Mystery Palace— since moving to Minneapolis from Eau Claire, Wisconsin 20 years ago.

Prior to the concert—sponsored by the Granite City Folk Society— Sparks and Buckley had a conversation with John Drake about their coming together as a duo. Sparks talked about the memories and musical theory behind the songs and arrangements on “Jukebox Dreamin”. Buckley also touched on the importance of bringing musical artists together into a community.

The podcast features two songs from the new CD, on Acoustic Music Records.

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