Trivia Final Scores 1994

33Ken’s B-B-Q Beef1830
32The Gratinator 1885
31Anatomically Correct2095
30My Schnauzer’s Trousers 2105
29Gary and Phil’s Favorites 2115
28Pressurized Pleasure People2275
27Oxymora R 2 R Connection 2280
26Pig Roast For Dinner 2280
25Superman & the Flying Beeps2300
24Intellectual Wedgies2440
23Rocky Mountain Oysters w/lemon2505
22Virgil’s Quest 4 Da Burnin’ Bush2600
21Fat Chance 2730
20Two Tickets for Brother Hood2770
19Steimie Rides Shotgun3315
18Intimate Tupperware Party3465
17Two Kegs In Minneapolis3645
16Three Drunks Aint’s Got’s Books3700
15Pigs ‘R’ Us3710
14Those Meddling Kids3780
13Conspiracy-A-Go-Go 4020
12Panties Wa-a-a-ay Too Tight 4275
11Cowboy Dale Gots a Puppy4610
10Ultra Violet Catastrophe 4740
9The Devil and Nancy Kerrigan4750
8Digital Dungeon Dwellers 5080
7Learnerd Pigs & Fireproof Women5325
6Animal House5535
5Society for Creative Anarchism 5610
4Jurassic Park & Ride5610
3Sigma Phi Nothing5710
1 11 Who KARE 2 Banzai 4 Pasolt6365