Trivia Final Scores 1995

35Gee-Dee-Eye (AKA: Erik’s Cat)0
34Bodacious Buzz Cultivators2035
33Kynd Young Buds 3520
32Three Drooling Geeks3655
31Trivia Newton-John4130
30Lodely buk como se dysoog o dookie4165
29Pesky Horde of Killer Squirrels4220
28Virgils Quest for a Road Ahead4590
27Gots Books Cain’t Read’Em4820
26Pig Roast for Dinner5245
25M.S.T 2: Death by Shih Tzu5250
24Intellectual Wedgies5385
23Oxymora R2R Connection5650
22Treatment Bound5715
21Ken’s BBQ Beef5815
20The Groovy Headers5870
19Pressurized Pleasure People6165
18Three Drunks Aints Gots Books6500
17Intimate Tupperware Party6585
16To Kegs: Hooked on Fonix6615
15E.T. 7010
14Pigs ‘R’ Us7700
13Pantys WAAAY To Tight7995
12Rich Corinthian Leather8055
11That Velociraptor et us al8475
10Digital Dungeon Dwellers8700
9Those Meddling Kids8980
8Cowboy Dale’s Puppy Has Rabies8990
7NotReady 4 PrimetimeMediaPlayers9015
6Society for Creative Anarchism9560
5Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women9910
4Sigma Phi Nothing10110
3Animal House10795
2An Unamed Source at the Whitehouse10930