Trivia Final Scores 1997

1Animal House12140
3Those Meddling Kids11880
4Learned Pigs & Fire-Proof Women11365
5Society For Creative Anarchism11215
6Cowboy Dale’s Polka Fun Fest10495
7Voodoo Dolls10460
8Sigma Phi Nothing9890
9Rich Corinthian Leather9400
10E.T. XXX-Files9230
11No Static At All9225
12The Darker Side of Sears9045
13Panties Waaaay Too Tigh8955
14A Few Screws Loose8740
15Warren Commission Rejects8600
16Tim Allen’s Favorite Tool8585
17Digital Dungeon Dwellers8410
18Leather-Vested Legislators7745
19Cappacino Awareness Group7645
20Ken’s BBQ Beef7530
22Pavarotti’s Cult O’ Leather7220
24Cocktails At Southfork7000
25Intimate Tupperware Party6995
26Trouble Among the Cheerleaders6415
27Two Kegs in a Blanket6375
28Three Drunks Aint-Gots-Books6330
29Ebonic Talkin’ Jive Honkies6255
30The Nation of Domination5935
31Gots Books-Cant Read-em5335
34Sagaciously Portent Answer Machine4810
35Pig Roast for Dinner4755
36Spinich Chin & the Primitive Skrewheads4735
38One-Three-Seven Trimethylxanthene4640
39Pink and Noid4560
40Passionate Purple People4560
41Sorels & Anything Thermal4402
42Seven Years, Still No Degree3705
43Last Ditch Effort3685
44The Flaming Camels and Ferret3320
45Conjugated Bergs et. al.3185
46Green Eggs and Spam2890
47Feral Trailer Court Hounds2415
48Fat Gomi & the Anal Assassins1945