Trivia Final Scores 1999

1Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women12720
3Those Meddling Kids11790
4Voodoo Dolls11680
5Animal House11535
6Society for Creative Anarchism11315
7 Non Essential Gov’t Workers10685
8Loose Meat Sandwiches110530
9Panties Waaay Too Tight10015
10Rich Corinthian Leather9955
11Sigma Phi Nothing9950
13A Few Screws Loose9510
14 Ken’s BBQ Beef9280
15Then Dyslexic Groundhog Day Mascara9125
16Cappuccino Awareness Group9085
17Cocktails for Jesus8835
18Stupidity Pathetic Acronym Makers8465
19the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies8440
20Trouble Among The Cheerleaders8050
21 Last Ditch Effort: As You Wish8035
22Jack Daniels Monica, Macanudo & Me8015
23And… In First Place…7990
24Boltzmann’s Population7955
25 ET: Spreads the Buttbonic Plague7165
26Lobby Rat Local Illuminati 236990
27The Team Formerly Known As Tupperware6800
28Pink and Noid Don a Kilt6660
29House of Insanity6605
30Team Millenium6590
31Three Drunks Aints Gots Books6245
32 Dibs on First Place6225
34Cuban Reefer Pirates6110
352 Kegs Medicinal Purposes Only5795
36Digital Dungeon Dwellers5270
37Great Glophowgen’s Heroes5190
38Not Wearing Any Panties4935
39 Baldrick’s Cunning Plan4925
40Gots Books Can’t Read Em4900
423M- Morbid Medieval Mayhem4720
4320 Class A Cigarettes4445
44Big Dwarf Rodeo4411
46 Highway Trash-Revisited3035
4765 Ford Fairlane $400 202-77582010
48My Dixie Wrecked & I’m Alone1945
49Cat Can’t Beatus Buzzed1545
50Shop @ Campus Mart in Atwood1130