Trivia Final Scores 2001

1Animal House13115
2Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women13030
3Loose Meat Sandwiches12670
4Voodoo Dolls12350
5Cowboy Dales A Rootin & A Tootin12065
6Non Essential Gov’t Workers11945
7Society for Creative Anarchism11800
8Sigma Phi Nothing11775
9Steffan’s Dream 2: The second Coming11165
10E.T.- Children of the Colon10960
11A Few Screws Loose10950
12Hot Cheese10820
13College DJ’s Suck10660
14Rich Corinthian Leather10520
15Some Assembly Required10495
16Panties Waaay to Tight10345
17Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies10335
18Pull-Start Diesel10320
19WWSD: What Would Scooby Doo?10175
20Alfred Packer’s Posse Rides Again9635
21Super Heroes in Training9575
22CAG: Smell my Intellect9455
23Horny Rhinos9415
24Kharma Cocktail Chameleon9355
25Nuyorican Poets Soiree’9355
26Intimate Tupperware Party9305
27Digital Dungeon Dwellers9250
28Francis Says9185
29Ken’s BBQ Beef9025
30Cuban Reefer Pirates8945
31Symbiotic Lunacy8905
32Penguin ‘n Frog On the Rampage8870
33Trouble Among the Cheerleaders8640
34Capt Pink & the 47 Club8615
35Danger Kitty’s Last Ditch Effort8460
36Hugh Beaumont8455
37Super Intelligent Shade of Blu8250
38The sound of Monkeys8245
39Traveling by Midget8100
40House of Insanity8055
41Sonic Death Monkey8045
42Redneck Zombie Mofos7940
43The Damn Yams 7850
45Slower Than Cheese6890
46Battle Wearied Bush Whackers6890
47More Useless Student in College6870
48Big Dwarf Rodeo6605
49Pigs R’ Us6420
50The Psychadelic Rabbits6410
51Sucky Suchy Boom Boom6375
5220 Class A Cigarettes6375
53Phreaks & Geeks Like Us6280
5424 Buttcheeks Pointed at You !6125
55Gots Books, Gaint Reed’um6020
56Here’s A Fish, You’re Stupid5945
57Upward Thrust5520
58DA Fillet Show5310
59Win A Shows With Jesus5285
60Proof Not For Reproduction4730
61How, Then, What, Now?4515
63The Florida Recount Team3920
64The Pink Anderson Trio3890
65Who’s Jebus3555
67Warning! We Are Not A Threat2600
68Bunt Lake Diamond Doorknobs2270
69Methadone Addicts350