Trivia Final Scores 2002

1Sigma Phi Nothing 13810
2Animal House13620
3Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women13495
4Loose Meat Sandwiches13360
5Voodoo Dolls13060
6Stefan’s Dream: America’s Dream12535
7 WWSD: What Would Scooby Doo?11770
8Panties Waaay Too Tight11765
9Society For Creative Anarchism11560
10College DJs Suck Spam11490
11Pull Start Diesel11465
12Non Essential Government Workers11435
13Gonads and Strife11370
14Trouble Among the Cheerleaders10915
15Vandalay Industries10870
17A Few Screws Loose10535
18Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies10525
19Some Assembly Required10285
20ET Drops the Soap Opera10150
21Horny Rhinos10110
22Carp On a Stick10100
23This team used a cryptic code for their name that don’t translate to the web. Silly team.9835
24Redneck Zombie Mofos9700
25Super Heroes In Training9555
26Intimate Tupperware Party9520
27Cuban Reefer Pirates9425
28LDE (Last Ditch Effort) DVE VTR BNC EFX VHF XLR UHF9320
29The Weak and the Sick (T.W.A.T.S.)9300
30The House of Insanity9200
31Rich Corinthian Leather9175
32More Useless Students in Colege9170
34Captain Cocktail and the Shrimp Shack Shooters8690
35Hugh Beaumont8590
36Please, No More Poetry!8560
37Strangers on my Couch8520
38Shake the Paw of Destiny8430
39The Ferocious Goats8410
40Mr. Zero8175
41Crouching Penguin, Hidden Frog8125
42Pink and Noid’s Evil Empire7790
43Winona Ryder Stole Our Team Name7310
4424 Buttcheeks Pointed At You!7195
45Phreaks and Geeks in Tube Tops7130
46Tofu is People!6805
47Monkey Love w/ TK in P6670
48Win a Shower With Jesus6595
49Pigs R’ Us6570
50Digital Dungeon Dwellers6290
51Big Dwarf Rodeo6095
5210,000 Megahertz of Power6085
53Southern MN Dungeon Dwellers5850
54Upward Thrust5810
55Da Fillet Show5570
56Slow Children At Play5325
57My Mega Hurtz4900
58Gots Books Cain’t Read’em4745
59Running With Scissors4560
60Busket of Apples4515
61Habitat for Insanity4475
62Who’s Jebus4365
63Operation Latte Thunder4190
64Illigitimate Orc Babies3810
65Proof Not For Reproduction3690
66Worst Episode Ever2460
67Bunt Lake Jays2405
68The Great Vowel Shift1820
69Labyrinth Dwellers1725