Trivia Final Scores 2004

1st Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women 13810
2nd Loose Meat Sandwiches13090
3rd Stefan’s Dream 5: Haliburtalicous12670
4th The Cream of Mime Conspiracy12405
5th Voodoo Dolls12220
6th Sigma Phi Nothing 11735
7th Panties Waaay Too Tight 11710
8th Non-Essential Gov’t Workers11110
9th Some Assembly Required 10830
10thFreshly Squeezed 10750
11thNuyorican Poet Soiree’10705
12thWWSD:  What Would Scooby Do?10645
13thFeelin’ Comfortable10585
14th Pull Start Diesel10570
15thSociety for Creative Anarchism 10570
16th College DJs Suck10505
17thNeo-Maxi Zoom Dweebies 10300
18thFree Range Veal 10290
19thWarning: This Hotdish Contains LDE10050
20thWorried About The Beaver 9855
21stF.A.S.C. – Friday Afternoon Social Club9730
22ndIntimate Tupperware Party9705
23rdCuban Reefer Pirates of the Caribbean9610
24thRedneck Zombie Mofos 9500
25thET: Turkey Ass Casserole9405
26thA Few Screws Loose9305
27thHot Cheese 9265
28thSuper Heros In Training9190
29thThe Chairleg of Truth9165
30thThe House of Insanity9125
31stD.O.A. Hole8785
32nd Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: Got Cooties? 8465
33rdOperation Hoyven Mayven8325
34thLast Call for Cocktails 8310
35thTrouble Among the Cheerleaders 8170
36thFrying Pan. Hamster. Stopwatch.7950
37th85 No-Talent Ass Clowns7930
38thMary Poppins Strikes Again7890
39thBake @ 350 for 1 Long Weekend7885
40thTeachers Loungin’ 7875
41st Evil Will Always Triumph!7835
42nd Phreaks & Geeks: You Betcha!7665
43rdMediocre Cum Laude 7505
44thWhat’s THAT Gonna Getcha? 7490
45thPigs R’ Us 7415
46thEnjoy the Man Explosion 7295
47thThe Easter Bunny vs. Jesus 7290
48thBig Dwarf Rodeo 7040
49thEating Penguin & Frog Souffle7025
50thMinutemen & The Women Who Love Them7025
51stHypocaffeinemeia 6885
52ndShamelessly Nameless 6760
53rdThe Incredible Edible Hobo6735
54thWhack My Bush & Pull My Cheney 6550
55thVelvet Elvis 6500
56thMore Usless Students In College 6400
57thDA Fillet Show6095
58thHugh Beaumont5960
59thUpward Thrust5575
60thWho’s Jebus?5540
61stDigital Dungeon Dwellers5190
62ndNort, But Not That Far Nort, eh 5125
63rdAcacia 5045
64thThe Mooninites4235
65thThe Official Team4180
66thVandalay Industries4045
67thHabitat for Insanity4000
68thGBCRE The Fellowship3830
69thThe MEGs 3565
70thSpherical Frictionless Cows 2740
71stThe Land of Pa-Lenty 1410