Trivia Final Scores 2007

1Pull-Start Diesel13890
2Stefan’s Dream 8:Stefan Down Under13640
3Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women13245
4Sock Monkey Jihad13230
5Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebies12450
6Sigma Phi Nothing12020
7Nuyorican Poets Soiree’11730
8Panties WAAAY Too Tight11640
9Loose Meat Sandwiches11605
10Voodoo Dolls11105
11Feelin’ Comfortable11075
12Non-Essential Gov’t Workers11025
13D.O.A. Hole10910
14What Would Scooby Doo In A Balloon?10890
15Freshly Squeezed10705
16Finding Answers & Seeking Clues10415
1711 Years, 3 Days, & 50 Hours in the Life of LDE10395
18ET: Your Guide to Bangkok10200
19MannSteim Team Roller10070
20House of Insanity10035
21Redneck Zombie Mofos9980
22Meyer Meyer Pants On Fire9870
23Super Heros In Training9720
24Our Boob Tube Is Bigger Than Yours9630
25Trouble Among the Cheerleaders9615
26Around the SPAM in 80 Servings9315
27Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys9245
28The Chairleg of Truth8920
29Nitsy’s Kids8885
30A Few Screws Loose8870
31Intimate Tupperware Party8855
32Space Around Uranus8710
33Porcupine Petting Zoo8690
34Catheter Enhanced Google Monkies on Safari8525
35Cake or Death?8380
36Candygram for Mongo8320
3785 No Talent Ass Clowns8260
38Festivus For The Rest Of Us8195
39Enjoy the Man Explosion!8010
40Romulus Can’t Remus7950
41The Cowbell Strikes Back7900
42…and in 49th Place; Penguin & Frog7825
43Shamelessly Nameless7790
44DDD Festering Boil on Al Neff’s Butt7615
45Poppins Goes Global7535
46DA Fillet Show7165
47Freaks & Geeks & Phileas Fog7140
48(expletive deleted)7095
49Upward Thru6995
50Pivo Squealers6910
51Pill Poppin’ Grannies6855
52The Buttcheeks `R’ Back6705
53ATT: Wah-Wuh-Wee-Wuh!6275
54No-Mads For The Preservation of Insanity6265
55This Team is Rated ARRR!!!6245
56No Static At All6115
57Dead Girls Don’t Say “Know”6115
58Some Assembly Required5995
59Teachers Loungin5935
60The Alphageekinati5690
61Piglets `R’ Us5545
62Far Que5270
63The Synaptic Connections5025
64Pirates of the Cranium4700
65The Benny Mandelbrot Posse4515
66What’s that? HAM?!4505
67Instant Karma4500
68Norm’s Stool4270
69Who’s Jebus?4175
70Horrible Plan B4150
71Something About Jim4130
72GBRCE Jim’s Lunch4040
73Gorilla Kings of Cowpie Island3630
74The Brainy Troll Tycoons3200
75Jesus, Party of Twelve?3025
76Got Monkey?2680
77Winners Club2410
78Crabs? We Got’em… Again!2290
79Three Drooling Geeks1540
80Team Intimate Breezies1335