trivia Final Scores 2008

1Pull-Start Diesel13525
2Stefan’s Dream 9: Ich Bin Ein Stefan13505
3Feelin’ Comfortable13335
4Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies12825
5Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women12650
6Wellstone! Temple Pilots12650
7Voodoo Dolls12185
8Sigma Phi Nothing12040
9Loose Meat Sandwiches11960
10Steim Rollin’ Tupperware Party11600
11Panties Waaay Too Tight11250
12Nuyorican Poets Soiree10875
13Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire10835
14Free All Stubborn Chads10760
15Non-Essential Gov’t Workers10595
16LDE’s Team Name iwas Vetoed!10535
17Festivus For The Rest of Us10485
18D.O.A. Hole10260
19What Would Scooby Doo (with Dick and Bush)10230
20The House of Insanity10195
21Our Boob Tube is Bigger than Your Bush10080
22The Chair Leg of Truth9905
23Candygram for Mongo9895
24Redneck Zombie Mofos9830
25Trouble Among The Cheerleaders9785
26Super Heroes In Training9610
27Tippecanoe and SPAM, Too9605
28No Static At All9555
29Enjoy The Man Explosion!9425
30Romulus Can’t Remus9360
31Nitsy’s Kids9335
32Uranus For Nixon’s Head9110
33ET Stands on its Own- Erection 089015
34POPPINS: Politically Poised8850
35Buckets of Intellegence8850
36Porcupine Petting Zoo8720
37Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys8715
38Case of Brewskies8490
39A Few Screws Loose8490
40Cake or Death?7850
41What’s That? Ham?!7735
42Dead Girls Don’t Say No7670
43Rock Out With Your Cowbell Out7225
44Upward Thrust7140
45HPB Is Not An STD7080
46GBRCE Vote 4 Vader-Sith Hapns6975
47Hugh Beaumont6965
48Butt Cheecks Squeeze A Victory6880
49The Alphageekinati6800
50Brat Pingwin, Siostra Zaha6715
51Got Monkey6670
52Some Assembly Required6565
53Incredible Edible Grannys6505
54Illuminated Lawn Decorations6460
55Piglets ‘R’ Us6410
56Carl Sagan Could Kick Chuck Norris’ Butt6055
57The Benny Mandelbrat Possy6030
58Norm’s Stool6020
59Pirates of the Cranium6000
6085 No Talent Ass Clowns5915
61DDD: Ya Gotta B Up If Ya Wanna Score5750
62The Synaptic Connections5310
63FarQue N Da Horse U Rode In On5290
64Instant Karma5230
65Dumbledore’s Army4935
66Who’s Jebus…Really Who’s Jebus4500
67It’s Okay, I’ve Got Glaucoma4400
682 1/2 Freaks & Geeks in Duluth3855
69DA Fillet Show3830
70Gorilla Kings of the Green Party2740
71Economically Stimulated!2595
72Optimus Prime2595
73The St. Cloud Jaycees Rawk!2160
74Red Hammers2120
75Unusually Large Primary Caucus1865
76Camp Anawana1365
77Ninja Zombies1350
78Wide Awake at Polly’s Cove1095