1.     When and why did you get involved with 88.1FM?

 I got involved the summer before my freshman year at SCSU, in 2018. 

2.     What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC?

 Morning Show Part 2 every Friday! Also read sports news on Wednesdays, and fill in when called upon.

3.     Please list some of the artists and musicians that you consider a must play on your show(s).

 Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, Brock Hampton, Col. Bruce Hampton, Zook, Saintseneca, Iron and Wine, Paul McCartney, Biz Markie, Villagers, Foxing, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Olympians, and of course The Beach Boys.

4.     What music do you listen to when you’re not tuned into KVSC?

 Classic Rock, Classic Country, Hippity Hop, and chill EDM.

5.     What is the most embarrassing (perhaps even shameful) music phase you have gone through?

 Girl bands, the Spice Girls just tickle my peach. 

6.     What are your hobbies and/ or interests?  

 I am a big sports advocate, so I enjoy keeping up to date with local and professional sports all the time. I also love to golf when the weather permits in MN. 

7.     When you are not at work or KVSC where can you most likely be found?

 I can most likely be found in my bed, with my buddies around campus, UTVS, or getting something to eat. 

8.     What’s the most challenging part of being a radio DJ?

Always staying one step ahead during your show, and always knowing what is going to come next. But once you get that down it’s not bad at all. 

9. What would you like to be doing in five years?

            Sports broadcasting at a high level team/company.

Thank You Underwriters