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KVSC Summer 2024 Executive Staff and Directors

Dan Seeger
Station Manager

Jim Gray
Operations Director

Alex Hartman
Project Analyst

Brian Moos
Program Director

Emma Bast
Assistant Program Director

Marketing/Sales Director

Olivia Gray
Office Assistant

Grace Jacobson
News Director/MNL Talent Coordinator

Kyle Ginsbach
Assistant News Director

Gavin Nelson
Marketing and Promotions Director

Joselyn Garcia Gonzalez
Assistant Marketing and Promotions Director

Winston Johnson
Music Director

Beck Christensen
Music Director

Nyra Brown
Music Director

Andy Valenty
Music Consultant

Varrick Bruno
Production Director

Winston Johnson
Assistant Production Director

Gavin Larson
Student Engineer

Delaney Lund
Training Director

Alexander Fern and Carl Goenner
Sports Directors

Kyle Ginsbach
Assistant Sports Director

Grace Jacobson
Monday Night Live Coordinator

KVSC Alumni & Volunteers

If you are a KVSC Alum and would like to be listed here, please email Dan.

A – D

  • John Allen – KVSC Assistant Program Director 1997-1999. John’s affectionately the reason we have an alarm clock set to go off daily to remind us to fax concert ticket winners. John is happily married and is poppa to a 50 pound 5-year-old Siberian Husky. You can find him deejaying at the Mermaid on weekends.
  • Erik Anderson – Sports dude of mid-90’s, now calling the shots in the American Hockey League for the Panthers in Louiseville, Kentucky.
  • Kirk Anderson – Former Sports Director in the 1990’s, now a practicing lawyer in the Midwest!
  • Michael “Mick” Bauer
  • Eli Belobaba – Music Director and Stages host of the mid 1990’s. Eric “Eli” Lahmers calls Oregon home, he cares for animals as a vet assistant and jams with Long Tall and Ugly. Simply put: Things are good.
  • Danny Berg (AKA: DannyB)
  • Rick Bergerson – Known as Wayne Bergerson, host and producer of the venerable Saturday morning Frets program. Rick started at KVSC in 1983 while a student, and began hosting Frets in 1985. You’ll find him at live music shows, drinking coffee and musing about the print business.
  • Jim Bernard – KVSC deejay as he can fit in, and sports from 1997-2001. Now pursuing his master’s degree at SCSU, a morning host, and technician with the sports department.
  • Dave Boyer – Ed Fish, Trainer of Fresh Fish.
  • Shawn Braith – Creator of Undercurrents Punk Rock Show.
  • Joe Briol – Hosted radio shows in the late 80’s.
  • Kari Brolsma – former sports director extrodinaire! Currently working in Mason City, IA @ KLSS-FM, KRIB-FM, and KYTC-FM (oldies) as Assistant News and Sports Director.
  • Scott Bryant -TV/technical guy, former early morning host through late ’90’s on 88.1FM. Graduated from SCSU in 2001. Once a “go-to” guy for Leighton Broadcasting, he’s now working in the traffic department at KAAL ABC6 News as well as a mobile DJ and performs voiceovers for the Minnesota Jaycees “Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans” awards..
  • Chris Campbell – Former Music Director and Abstractions host. Now co-member of Squid, spoken word, loops, samples, madness-filled St. Paul group. Kelly Anderson is the other half of Squid, he was Bjorn Oranj on the air and assistant music director.
  • Jeromy Cannon – Training Department Director at KVSC from 1997-2000.  Jeromy supports poetry, music from Ohio, and feline friends.  Jeromy currently works for Sara Lee’s in Cincinnati, he’s a computer support tech for them and reports no pies yet…
  • Charlie Carlson – Deejay from 1998-2004, former training director, Stages host, now teaching math in Reading, England. Absolutely a brilliant chap!
  • James Carlson – Julio Sanchez and Earl Kruger, Jr., in the mid-eighties. My main claim to fame is as the founder of The Area.
  • Jeff Chamberlin -was spotted at 2001 Winnipeg Folk Fest. Former Production Director 1996-1997.
  • Amy Dahlin (Chaffins) – News Director of utmost talent from the late ’90’s through 2000. Former TV anchor/reporter of 10pm news of KSAX-TV in Alexandria, MN. She’s now Editor of the Osakis Review and a reporter for the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria .
  • Robin DeBates -News Director, Music Assistant, Sisters host, kind spirit. She calls Ashland, Oregon home & helps people there.
  • Bill Devine – Former News Director and host of the Sunday new age show “Seasons.”

E – H

  • John Eichten – former Training Director, Classic Rock host, and co-host of The Golden Road, the original KVSC Grateful Dead show. Currently living in Minneapolis…and often seen at First Ave, The Cedar, etc. Longtime donating member of KVSC.
  • Daniel Ellenbecker (dirty d) – Lover of music, mother earth, and all things KV. Former DJ and Webmaster, responsible for current site design. Was last seen headed west…
  • Scott EltonCurrently working as Assistant to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota.
  • Jim Emery – Jimmy Jonga on the airwaves.
  • Dan “Raymond” Feehan I was involved with from 1993 to ’96-ish…I did overnights, weekends, and fill in on various shows. KVSC holds that special place for me as first radio gig, an incredible place with great memories. A place whose Anoka-St. Cloud commute tried to kill me once. I’m still in radio, now in Des Moines, Iowa, and I have a wife and 3 kids.
  • Darrin Feist (Clyde Lee on air)- At KVSC during the great revolution of 1985 when the inmates took over and were running the asylum. I went by my real name for the last part of 1984 then changed my on air name to Clyde Lee. I believe I hosted almost every show that was on the air during that time including Classic Rock, Sisters (fill-in host), and The KVSC Rock Report.I was Music Director for a spell and did my best to increase the number of indie and fringe record companies that sent KV music. I was trained by Wayne Bergerson and the first thing I played on air was the 12″ Replacements single “I Will Dare” at the wrong speed!! I was at the wrong speed most of my time there and that is what made it fun. I was also a Teaching Asst. to Dick Hill for a quarter, which is mentioned only because it was the only credit I had that quarter coming back after an academic suspension (What was he thinking?). I also did the KVSC “Street Sheet” and have several copies from that time period if you are interested.
  • Dale Fine – On air at KVSC from 1981 – 1982. Did open rock shifts 9pm-12am and hosted The Voice of Jazz on Sunday afternoons. I’ve been working for 93X in Minneapolis for 14 years and have been selling advertising in Minneapolis for about 22 years. KVSC was a great experience and a great place to get started.
  • Gwen Flanders – She was on the KVSC staff before it existed! Literally, they would record programs and send them to WJON. A couple years later, KVSC got it’s start and she was the News Director. Then she went to WJON and worked writinig commercials, as Traffic and Community Director and a part-time News Reporter. She now works as the Washington Editor of USA Today.
  • Toby Folwick -Toby Dean on the air. Founded and hosted the College Marconi award winning spoken word show “Set in Sound” 1997-1999.
  • Conal Garrity – AKA: Conrad Dobler. 1994-2004. KVSC Online Services(Webmonkey), Assistant Music Director & Granite City Rock Cafe Host.
  • Judi Gay -Sisters host alum and American Sojourn writer and producer with Al Neff.  American Sojourn 1997 – Women in the Director’s Chair award winner, Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis.Broadcast Camp director – non-profit camp introducing youth to the radio-world of possibilities at SCSU with KVSC
  • Jill (Gierke) Riley – KVSC Production Director and Assistant News Director and music host circa 2003-2004.  Current morning show host at 89.3 the Current in St. Paul (MPR station).  Jill’s got an awesome giggle, really.
  • E. Glenn Gilbert – News Director for a stretch in the mid-80’s
  • Jim Gray – Former Program Director, now SCSU Instructor and Director of Operations at KVSC.
  • Linda Gustafson – Hosted a half-hour classical music program on weekday afternoons in the late 60s. Got an MS in grad school in Library Information Science and worked as a Library Administrator and a Library Media Specialist. Writes prose and poetry and composes music at her current home in Belfast, ME.
  • Fareed Guyot – “I am now a Captain with Scott Air Charter and a Technical Sales Representative with IDC Aerospace…I live, work, and breath in Milwaukee. See you at Trivia.” -Fareed
  • Tim Hackenmiller cyncinal (but in a non-annoying way) host of Granite City Rock Cafe in late 1990’s
  • Kirk Hall – In 1975 I hosted a program on KV called College and Community Focus
  • Kathleen Hallinan – aka “Sister Kathleen” (1986-1990) Hosted “Sisters”, held various KV news department positions, spent 14 years with Minnesota Public Radio, ran off to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands for a few years, returned to St. Paul. We mourn Kathleen’s passing in April 2016.
  • Steven Hartog – Steven Chase was my radio name, I did lots of a.m news and ran two shifts a week to get the station started at 6:00 am for a couple of years. I am now living on Tulsa, OK. My time at KVSC (1986-88) will always be a great memory.
  • Tom Haugen – Assistant KVSC engineer in 2001, assistant program director 2002-03. Music master of Monday Night Live too! Tom lives in Medford, Oregon and is a volunteer board operator at the NPR affiliate there “Jefferson Public Radio”.
  • Mike Hendrickson – I was an engineer for KVSC from 1970 to 1972. I am now Broadcast Network Group Supervisor, Engineering Dept., Minnesota Public Radio.
  • Dick Hill – eminent General Manager emeriti, weekly host of Movies on the Radio w/the Man in the Box
  • Anthony Hunt – Proud papa of three fine lads and the station manager of WVPE 88.1FM in Elkhart, Indiana. KVSC graduate assistant 1996-98. Anthony is known for his tasty home-made beer, tabouli and love of radio adventures.
  • Mike Hutchens – Former engineer of KVSC, now Chief Engineer of Regent Broadcasting’s Evansville, Indiana properties. Lover of Husky Hockey!

I – L

  • Kris Ihrke (Waters) -Marketing/Promotions/On-Air in the mid 1990’s. Now married and living and doing planned acts of kindness in San Diego.
  • Gary Jasdzewski–GaryJaz, hosted Friday Freeform, an occasional Abstractions, and many Insomnia Heavens from 1986-1992.  Now lives in Boston. We like to think of him now as Dr. Jaz!
  • Mark Johnson
  • Mark S. Johnson – First KVSC Program Director in the late 1960s. Helped physically string the coax cable from Stewart to Stearns Hall for the penthouse transmitter of 10.5 watts. He has worked various positions in a number of cities since, and now works as the Managing Editor for CHS Cooperatives/Land O’ Lakes on Cooperative Partners Magazine (Circ. 320,000), and an online newsletter called ePreview.
  • Bart Johnson – “Barthalomew Cubbins”–music fiend now teaching in Sheboygan, WI
  • Ron Johnson – Host and producer of Fox Sports Net North (Minneapolis) new program “FSN Live.  Ron anchors and reports for shows every weeknight, from locations such as Vikings training camp, Twins games, Minnesota Wild, and Gopher events.  Ron Johnson was a KVSC Sports Director in the late 1990’s.
  • Ann Jung (Wickstrom)
  • Mike Kalinowski – Sports Director from 1992-93, currently with the Los Angeles Kings working media and public relations.
  • Bill Knight -Minnesota IRS spokesman, retired.
  • Bill Krahling – Former Editor of KVSC’s “Reverb Magazine” 87-88
  • “Patrick Jaye” Ladwig Former Production Director and all around organized guy.
  • Mark Lauer
  • Muggsy Lauer – Jazz dude, coffee roaster (Muggsy’s Beans!), Hamster, and is Collectively Unconscious.
  • Bryan Lee – AKA: Mott Scudder (circa 1980’s)
  • Dave “Crabby” Lee – Prior Resident Alarmist/Consipacy Theorist- Marketing Director, Concerts & Promotions, MNL, and Trivia Chief of Shenanigans. Mellowed in the new millenium…
  • Chad Lian – Involved with KVSC from 1990 to current. He’s an inductee of the 2003 Trivia Hall of Fame as a Superhero Volunteer.
  • Shawn Lloyd -Host of Urban Invasion from 1998-99. I was known for putting people live on air via the request line and getting the listeners activley involved in the show. I feel I made the show fun, it was one of my most memorable experiences in my life. I played alot of underground hip-hop as well as songs from some inmates at St. Cloud Correctional Facility. Currently I’m attending St. Paul Technical College with a Liberal Arts major.
  • Tom Lloyd -Music host, assistant program director 1998-99, good guy. Now an aircraft dispatcher for ATA Connection at the Midway Airport in Chicago.
  • Lori Locken – I did my stint in the late 70s thru early 80’s. Back then, KV was “progressive and 10 watts.” I was Asst Music Director and Co-Music Director (long story).
  • Brian Loften – Former Assistant Music Director and Chief Sandwich Maker @KV… now resides in NYC.
  • Tim Lyon -Former KVSC news director (late 80s), current radio host and Digital Managing Editor at Townsquare Media in St. Cloud. Occasional keeper of the KV Trivia Urn.

M – P

  • Scott MacCloy – Produced classical music shows in 1973-74. Now lives in Connecticut and volunteers for a world music show at the U of West Hartford (91.3 WWUH). He’s also worked at Telecom for the past 20 years and is currenty at Qwest Communications as Director in Sales Management.
  • John Maiers – workin’ hard in Mankato.
  • Jason March – Dormer DJ, News anchor, and Sports Director from 1999-2003. Currently working at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Minneapolis full time. Also does the cable access sports programming as well for CTV-15.
  • Andy Marlow – A Founding Father of KVSC, retired as Station Manager at Radio K.
  • Maria Martin – News Director and reporter 1998-2000. Maria completed her master’s degree at SCSU in 2005.
  • Robin McCoy
  • Bobby McGee -Emerald Data Processing database business in St. Cloud. Proud parent and member of KVSC.
  • Matt McGuire -On the air in the late 80’s
  • Lisa McIntireActive at the station 1981-84 (when the 80’s truly rocked!). Lisa would still consider a job in radio…she has great memories of her KVSC brethren and experiences.
  • Brian Merhar – Bubba Kinkaid – Now a high-school counselor in White Bear Lake.
  • Maynard Meyer -Served as News Director at KVSC around 1972. I have been co-owner of KLQP-FM in Madison, Minnesota since 1983. Inducted into the Minnestoa Broadcasters Hall Of Fame in 2011.
  • Jesse Miller – KVSC Production Director circa 2001-2002.  Creator of many classic KV promo’s , not afraid to use his grandmother in a radio production piece either.  Jesse writes, records, and  produces his own music under the name The Curiously Strong Peppermints He is a  bass player in a band called The Ultraviolet Fuzz.
  • Shelley Miller – Shelley is a former KVSC Training Director and former Program Coach at Radio K- 770AM at the University of Minnesota, among other commercial radio experience.  Shelley is a lover of cats, Aussies and bullfrogs!
  • Stephen Mikkelson – On-air sports reader in the late 80s, graduated from SCSU in ’90.
  • Pete Moroz – Ye Olde Musak Honcho and Program Dirctor 1992, do you know the Shakin’ Bozeman?
  • Ricky Monds -The great Darnell Slick was at SCSU from ’87 to ’93. Darnell grooved the Soul Stroll Thursday’s and Jazz Fusion on Sunday’s. Mr. Slick was with KVSC from the basement of the Library to the banks of the Mississippi! Ladies, Darnell is now unavailable and calling sweet Georgia home.
  • Andre Moshenberg AKA: Dr. Aiko – former announcer/program director in the 80’s, occasional host in the new millenium.( still works too)
  • Dave Muggli – Long haired announcer of early 1990’s and What’s Happening host.
  • Troy Mumm – Former KVSC Program Director (early-mid 1990’s) and former Operations Manager for KRCL 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City, UT. Troy is now a full-time web designer.
  • JJ Murray – (1983-1988) Former News Director, Sports Director & DJ. The first person to play a CD on KVSC. I freaked out the engineer by hooking up a demo portable player to the board. The first CD song played on KVSC “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers. I was also the voice of Husky football in 86 & 87 and Husky Hockey in 1988, Herb Brook’s only year as head coach. I am the News Director at KIMT-TV in Mason City, IA. I’ve also worked for KMSP-TV & KSTP-TV in the Twin Cities as well as stations in AZ, SD, MO & WI.
  • Nathan “Nature” Nesje – H.H.H. (Head Hamster Honcho) and also Collectively Unconscious, married a princess.
  • Byron Nelson – w/ KVSC 1978-80. Has worked at Breeze Radio Network, Cities 97, KLBB, KJO-104 (KJJO) as J.J. Jefferies, WOSH-Appleton, Magic 96.5, WMGV-Milwaukee, WRKR-Milwaukee, KACI-Hood River OR, and KWRO-Coos Bay OR.
  • Cari Ness – Princess Cari…former Program Director, currently the Station Relations Representative, West Coast for American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul.  Married a Hamster.
  • Danyel (Gunnelson) O’Connor – Marketing Director in the early 2000s developing new client relations and organizing Trivia Weekend food and prizes for volunteers and teams.
  • Jim Olander -He is currently the main play by play announcer for the USHL Sioux Falls Stampede Hockey Team. He also is doing team promotions and media relations. Former award winning KVSC sports director 1999-2003.
  • Tom Olenich
  • Earle Olson – Worked at the station between 1979-81. Also worked at WJON and KCLD and he’s now a Global Product Manageer for Tyco Electronics Fiber Optics Business.
  • Eric Parsons – On-air announcer in the mid 90s. All around good guy, friend of Uncle Corn.
  • Brian Patrick – Former jack of all trades, has been a full-time blackjack and poker dealer since February 2006. Trivia Helper dude too!
  • John “JP” Paulson – new gig @ KMSD 1510am in Milbank, SD. Sports director 1994-95.
  • Langdon “Pooch” Perry – Former news and sports guy from 1998-1999. Morning news anchor of new (Jan. 06) FM news/talk station in Mpls. Check out Langdon’s work at FM 100.3 KTLK.
  • Paul W. Perry – Worked as a radio announcer in 1970, back in the days when KVSC was low-wattage. In fact, his wife couldn’t even hear him on-air from their home in Sauk Rapids. Went on to work at KFAM (now KCLD).
  • Lisa Peterson (Almquist) Announcer 1981-1983. Also produced a program called the “Fine Line.” At the time, our tagline was “KVSC…The State of the 80’s.” Now lives in Sioux Falls, SD and owns a marketing communications company called Main Ideas. Has wonderful memories of working with folks like Kevin Ridley, Ann Jung and Andy Valenty. Rock on KVSC!!!

Q – S

  • Mark Raede Music Assistant, Ecuadorian native-now airport management in Yuma, AZ.
  • Tom Raich – Trivia Writer/God of the 80’s, now in the KVSC trivia hall of fame (locate trivia link on main page for more details).
  • Surendra K. Ramanapudi – KVSC graduate assistant from 2001 to 2003. Surendra helped with marketing projects, trivia, and we saw him dance to the Shake a Hamster band!
  • Kevin Ridley – Former and first full-time KVSC Station Manager and guiding light. Now living and working in the newspaper business in Denver, CO.
  • Jeff Rivers – “Corn!!! and fossils of leaves in rocks!!
  • Terry Rosati – Former KVSC news director as a graduate student in the mid 1990’s.
  • Brad Savage – Former KV program director
  • Emily Sebasky music assistant, host, part-time Hamster of years gone by.
  • Steve Seiberling – KVSC staffer 1986-1990.  Managing the Rehab/Physical Therapy department at the hospital in Stanley, WI.  Uncle Corn is a family member.
  • Janice Severson (Roller) – AKA Sunny Ice: Host of Sisters, Awarded “Best Chick from the Range” honors. Now lives in St. Paul, and she used to wear her Panties Waaay Too Tight (trivia team), now Mann Steim Team Roller.
  • Mark Skogman – Sept., ’77 to May, ’80. I am a former KVSC disc jockey, news reporter and announcer, Continuity Director and recording engineer, producer and announcer for the Apocalypse Hour (recorded coffeehouse musicians for broadcast).
  • Kyle Smith – Uncle CORN! Warning, don’t ask unless you’ve got a strong stomach -Program Director of Pittsburgh’s WYEP.
  • Mississippi Tim – Former host and creator of KVSC program “A Whole Lotta Blues”.  Current host of Sundays “Root Cellar” on KVSC.  Featuring Americana, Alt-Country, Roots music.
  • Rick Stephens – Resident “TapeHead” – former host of “Dead Air” – the Grateful Dead program, now at KQRS 92 in Mpls — You’ll hear him as Erik Stohlberg.

T – V

  • Greg Thompson – KV Alum from 1981-1984. Greg has many memories of KVSC’s formative 80’s!
  • Julie “Jules” Thompson – Jules worked at KVSC in the mid 1980s—she took over the “Sisters” show after Janice “Sunny Ice” Severson graduated. Jules turned the Sisters show over to Kathleen Hallinan when she graduated.
  • Alan Torney – Engineer 1978-79.
  • Billy “T” Tortorici -Sports Reporter 1998-99. Worked with NBC sports in Chicago, now freelancing in Chicago with the Chicago, Ohio, and Bay Area Sports Report (a Production Assistant of sorts).
  • Andy Valenty – Andy began as an announcer in 1980 and also served as the Music Director. He re-emerged in ’86 as “John Drake” and since has worked as Sports Director, Program Supervisor, and host of “The Area,” KV’s Minnesota music show; he’s also been the host of Classic Rock (pt. 2) since 1990. Andy is married, with a son and a dog.
  • Mike VanKeulen – stills influencing the youth of America, especially his very own.
  • Matt Von Brauchitsch – Former late night cynic, now in Washington DC developing international ties, not confirmed if covert, but certainly academic.

W – Z

  • Gary Weckwerth – Former KVSC Sports Director from 1979-82. Also, a former Sports Director at KELO-TV, Sioux Falls, SD. Won numerous sports reporting awards at KVSC and professionally.  Current owner of the hockey team the Sioux Falls Stampede.
  • Chris Weiss – Former KVSC Engineeer “He’s Weiss…he’s Weiss…” Now a proud Dad of two fine lasses living life in Portland, OR with his wife and former Sisters host Jennifer Trom.
  • Aaron White – Consulting Engineer to KVSC (oversaw 2003 KV Airchain/transmitter upgrade).
  • Rick Wolf – Frets Host, Wayne Bergerson is approaching two decades at KVSC.
  • Aaron Worm – 1997-98, helped with sports and music shows. Now at KTOE / KDOG in Mankato doing afternoon news and MN state basketball.
  • Kevin Young – Former News Director, Sports Director & Graduate Assistant of the 1990’s. Working in Mpls and living in Wacona. He’s the proud father of two children.
  • Joe Ziskovsky – former training/weather dude, now working for Kavouris in Burnsville, MN.
  • Douglas Zwach – Former Station Engineer. Worked for IBM Corp. in Rochester, MN, and later graduated with an MS in Space Science from Florida Tech. He’s still with IBM and has moved to Colorado Springs, CO to do satellite work supporting U.S. Space Command.