The Granite City Radio Theater, Season 8 Episode 2 Featuring Prudence Johnson

KVSC’s Granite City Radio Theater continued its holiday tradition of warming the radio listening hearts of central Minnesota on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, with a plethora of programming only found within the bounds of our radio waves!

Prudence John was our special musical guest with backing from our ever flexible house band, Collective Unconscious!

The Shades’ Brigade crew wound up with Christmas miracles in their stockings!

The secret to the success of SuccessCO in their rise to rival all other companies on earth was finally revealed!

Dan Barth’s Holiday Trivia Challenge featuring Prudence Johnson, SCSU Music Professor Terry Vermillion, and KVSC Station Manager Jo McMullen brought the knowledge!

Wild Scholastica documentarialized the phenomenon known as “The Snow Day!”

And of course, the Honorable Mayor demonstrated just exactly why St. Cloud is the Most Livable City on the Planet!

Plus . . . the Podcast Special: Intermission!

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