Trivia Final Scores 2000

1Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women13045
2Animal House12910
3Cowboy Dale’s Hotdish Hullabaloo12580
4Voodoo Dolls12230
5Society For Creative Anarchism11910
6Non-Essential Government Workers11385
7Sigma Phi Nothing10935
8Loose Meat Sandwiches10725
9Panties WAAAY too Tight!10595
10Trouble Among the Cheerleaders10280
12W.W.S. D. (What Would Scooby Doo?)10045
13Psychedelic Cocktail Dance Party9880
14Stephan’s Dream; Our Dream!9775
15Ernie’s Tragic Love Triangle9300
16A Few Screws Loose9290
17Ken’s BBQ Beef9250
18Neo-Maxi -Zoomdweebies8975
19Cappuccino Awareness Group8760
20Pomegranate Butter Stars, The8670
21Rich Corinthian Leather8630
22Still Producing Acronym Magic (SPAM)8485
23Intimate Tupperware Party8300
24Some Assembly Required8220
25Lobby Rats Illuminati8075
26Pull-Start Diesel8070
27ET’s Disfunctional Webmonkey Spankers7755
28House of Insanity7705
29Horny Rhinos, Inc.7665
30Digital Dungeon Dwellers7635
31Disciples Of Alf (DOA)7570
32Last Ditch Effort’s Sahara Snow7355
33Big Dwarf Rodeo7170
34Pink Goes to the Mattress7125
35Brother Penguin, Sister Frog6835
36Cuban Reefer Pirates6550
37Pigs R Us6540
38Boltzman’s Population6465
39No Static At All6410
40Slower Than Cheese6370
41Daddy’s Hands6155
43Nuyorican Poets Soiree’5370
44Yaba Daba Do Me5135
45Cat Like Reflexes4810
47Team Name4585
48Alferd Packer’s Posse (played from Boulder, Colorado! KVSC’s 1st electronic team!)4465
49Spanish Buddha Thieves4135
5020 Class A Cigarettes4050
51potIhbe’ chugh yay qatIhpeeghlu’ (Klingon)3835
52Highwood Hillbillies, The3830
53Wise Guys, The3395
54Torched By An Angel3055
55Plague of Alien Communists2845
56Bunt Lake Diamond Door Knobs2500
57Bounty Hunters from the Outer Rim1900
58Two Kids in Portland (Brian Betlock and crew from Portland, OR)1385