Sep 15, 2009

Archived: KVSC Top 30 (9/7-9/13)

I think I’m beginning to come to terms with the Chaos Theory. As Wikipedia would have me believe, said theory revolves around the notion that there are systems (mathematically speaking) which appear to be random (read: chaotic) on the surface, but are simply highly affected by small changes in the “initial conditions” of the system. Before I get beyond our collective mathematical understanding (kudos to you, by-the-way, if you’re nowhere near that limit [as n->infinity, math nerds?]), let’s just say that in the last few weeks, major changes have shown in the charts, and I think I might be on the verge of finding what initial conditions are causing it. Or I’m reading far too much into all of this. We’ll see.

Our DJ’s seem to respond to the album made our “New Release of the Week” each week. Two weeks ago, Apricot Rail was featured, and our DJ’s played it up to #1. Last week, the same happened for The Mumlers. This week, This is a Shakedown(!) debuted up top (where momma hides the cookies) thanks, it would seem, to the exposure it got on Monday night (the 7th). Next week, we’ll see what happens.

Other notes:
–Though not number #1, The Mumlers maintained a level of consistency, coming in fourth this week. Bully to them, I say, as “Don’t Throw Me Away” displays a sound not often heard these days.

–Dinosaur Jr. goes out with a bang this week, it’s last in our New Music Rotation, charting at #6. As fellow KVSC-er and part-time music reviewer James (and the Giant Beard) said to me today: “Dinosaur Jr. rocks”. Simple, and simply true.

–I am contractually obligated* to say the following as long as Arctic Monkeys chart: LONG LIVE OUR NEW, SHEFFIELD-BASED OVERLORDS!

That’s all for this week, save, of course, the charts themselves.


*In hopes of securing "Humbug", I may or may not have sold all or part of my soul to a certain Mr. Lou C. Fur. Turns out, we were going to get the CD anyway. You live and learn (and, if TV is to be believed, buy a better brand of diaper) I guess. Also, on an unrelated note, do any of you know a good exorsist?

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