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Trivia Registration 2017


KVSC’s 38th annual Trivia Weekend will arrive during winter’s blustery blast!  Pull out your parka, slip on your rain slicker, and charge up your weather radio for…Trivia Storm: 50-Hours of Torrential Trivia.

Early bird team registration begins on Thursday, December 15 at 9 a.m. Registration fees are $50 for community teams and $25 for college teams. High school teams can register for free. KVSC's offices are open on business days but closed on all federal holidays and weekends. If you're paying via check please make it payable to KVSC-FM. We're located in Stewart Hall, room 27 (basement level) at St. Cloud State.

For three consecutive days next February 17-19 Your Sound Alternative will create a brain fog with a hailstorm of questions about all things weather related. We'll offer up a good dose of pop culture, music and history questions as well.

So set your thermostat to trivia climate and if it involves our obsession with inconvenient truths… it’s part of the cyclone of questions for Trivia Storm: 50-Hours of Torrential Trivia.

Trivia Volunteers, prepare for the flood of answers and hop on our phone bank of telemetry stations at KVSC next February.

Prepare to enter the atmosphere that is Trivia Storm: 50-Hours of Torrential Trivia.

Click on the links below for PDF's of Registration Info (stay tuned - more info coming soon):

Registered Team Information

Trivia 2017 Team Letter

Trivia 2017 Registration Kit

2016 Registered Teams

The teams listed below are registered for Trivia Cruisin' 2016: Racing, Road Tripping and Rock & Roll. The numeric order below represents the order in which a team registered, it is NOT a team number.

Does your team have a website we can link to? Is your team link on this page broken? Links can be sent to info@kvsc.org and posted for free.

Stefan's Dream XVII was the first team to register in-person at the KVSC studios for Trivia Cruisin' 2016.

Teams registered for Trivia Cruisin' 2016: (these are NOT team numbers for 2016):

  1. General Motorboaters
  2. 28th Avenue Kids
  3. Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys
  4. Meyer Meyer a Decade on Fire
  5. Stefan's Dream XVII: Stefan's Pole Position
  6. Sigma Phi Nothing
  7. Some Loose Meat Sandwich Assembly RQ'D
  8. Nerd Party
  9. D.O.A. Hole
  10. Enjoy the Man Explosion!
  11. Voodoo Panties
  12. House of Insanity
  13. Pull Start Diesel
  14. Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies
  15. A Few Screws Loose
  16. It Just Doesn't Matter
  17. WWSD: What Would Scooby Doo
  18. LDE: 20th Anniversary Special Edition, featuring Rod Toft
  19. Nonessential Government Workers
  20. DDD: This is not your fathers trivia team
  21. Porcupine Petting Zoo
  22. Squirrels Desperately Gathering Nuts
  23. Pirates of the Cranium
  24. ET: Our Hot Rod Is Too Big For Her Volvo
  25. Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women
  26. Carbon-dated Readers n' Geeks
  27. Our Boob Tube is Playing for Jeremy
  28. The Cool Moms
  29. Google Your Own Adventure
  30. Chitty Chitty Bondage Camel
  31. Rich Corinthian Leather Remnants
  32. TS Speedy Can't Drive 55
  33. Knee Deep in Theses
  34. Plan B
  35. Are We There Yet?
  36. Venus Vixens
  37. Stefans Nitemare Eshrekd Ditka
  38. Six Feet Under
  39. E=MC Hammered
  40. Cruisin' for a Brewski
  41. Freaks & Geeks in a Pacer Packed with Puppies
  42. Perpetual Motion Squad
  43. CandyGram for Mongo
  44. Turducken is People
  45. Penguin, Frog, Woodstock and a Buttload of Minions
  46. K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Trivia Team
  47. Bored Game Knights
  48. It's All in Your Mind-Apollow Knowledge Bowl
  49. I'm not into Sailing but I love to Motorboat!
  50. There's Always Money in the Banana Stand
  51. The Baker St Irregulars(back by popular demand)
  52. Huckleberry Gin
  53. Too Far-Q to Walk, Let's Drive.
  54. Chairleg of Truth
  55. Burger of the Day: Highway to Halibut Burger
  56. Fear and Fitzgerald in Las Vegas
  57. Crockpot Posse
  58. Boba's Fettish
  59. Nuyorican Poets Soiree
  60. Benny Mandlebrot Possy




Sports Schedule

  • Men's Hockey vs University of Omaha
    Dec 09, 2016 - 7:37
  • Men's Hockey vs University of Omaha
    Dec 10, 2016 - 7:07
  • Men's Basketball vs Jamestown College (Sports Stream)
    Dec 19, 2016 - 7:00

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