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2018 Trivia Registration

Codename Trivia is FEB. 16-18, 2018

Prepare your best spies and strategies; Trivia Weekend 2018 is right around the corner. Codename Trivia team registration opens on Friday, Dec. 15. The KVSC office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m that day. Download your registration forms and join us for the 39th annual Trivia Weekend!

Links below for Registration Info:

Registered Team Information

Trivia 2018 Team Letter

Trivia 2018 Registration Kit

2018 Preview


Pssst...check out the 'take" with this AUDIO SURVELLIANCE about CodenameTrivia.

For Your Eyes Only…here’s the take, Your Sound Alternative’s 39th annual
trivia marathon, Codename Trivia: Strategies, Secrets and Spies has a
timed drop of February 16-18. We’ll feature theme-based questions on
everything from movies and music along with counter intelligent questions on
pop culture, quirky products, visual and audio questions. Our trivia writers are
busy deciphering more than 450 questions for Codename Trivia: Strategies,
Secrets and Spies.

2018 Registered Teams

The teams listed below are registered for Codename Trivia: Strategies, Secrets and Spies. The numeric order below represents the order in which a team registered, it is NOT a team number.

Does your team have a website we can link to? Is your team link on this page broken? Links can be sent to and posted for free.

?? is the first team to register in-person at the KVSC studios for Codename Trivia.


Teams registered for Codename Trivia: (these are NOT team numbers for 2018):






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