MN Arts & Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant

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KVSC is supported, in part, by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy grant, as passed by the voters of Minnesota in November 2008. Thank you and the great state of Minnesota!

Legacy funding supports:

The Untold Stories of Central Minnesota. This program is hosted by Arts and Cultural Heritage producer Jeff Carmck and features long form interviews with artists, historians, event creators and intriguing people of Central Minnesota sharing their stories and experiences.

Granite City Radio Theatre: This live radio show in front of a live audience features Jay Terry as guest host, Muggsy and Collective Unconscious as the house band, the Shades Brigade radio drama, and feisty skits with Heather Mastromarco and McKenzie Lahren. The trivia challenge with Dan Barth is a hoot …and the irreverent show will have you laughing at our collective quirkiness. In May 2022 we completed our 10th season of this very popular show in the community.

Minnesota Music concert series with artists such as Brother Ali, Jaedyn James, Carnage the Excutioner, The Von Tramps, Catbath and more (in parternship with the Common Roots Festival) are hosted and organized by KVSC.

Legacy Funds also support students covering arts and culture on campus and the community with weekday programs and a speaker series in the March of 2022. Native author Chris Stark presented What’s Our Story? Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Minnesota.

Stark is an educator and author, who’s recent book Carnival Lights has been nominated for a Minnesota book award. She serves on the governor’s task force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Minnesota and is an educator in gender violence prevention. 

KVSC is also producing Destination North Star State Radio Project with Highway 61 Productions executive producer Al Neff. Destination North Star State Radio Project is an invitation to learn more about and to explore the North Star state.

Al’s goal with the series is to explore the “roots” of Minnesota life and culture through these destinations, and the “routes” taken to get to them. The program will link a community of interest with the surrounding area; geographical features, hiking and biking trails, state parks, etc.

Some of the destinations include Bemidji, Zumbrota, the Lake Wobegon Trail, Taylor’s Falls, New Ulm, Little Falls, Austin, Fairmount, Moose Lake and Roseau.

KVSC is continuing its work on live, community theatre with GREAT Theatre in St. Cloud. In November 2022 a live audience and radio production of The Great Gatsby returns to the Helgeson Learning Lab. Previous shows have included It’s a Wonderful Life, Sherlock Holmes, War of the Worlds and Night of the Living Dead.