Oct 2, 2019

AUDIO: St. Cloud State Faculty and Students Protest Against Job Cuts

Members of St. Cloud State University’s Faculty Association led a march to protest against eight tenured faculty members who will be laid off in the spring due to retrenchment on Tuesday.

The decision was formed because of budgetary woes to declining enrollments and insufficient funding from State legislative branches.  The university’s decision to lay off eight tenured faculty members only resolves eight percent of the budget deficit.  There is still 92% of the budget deficit that has still not been cleared up by St. Cloud State and there is currently no information on how SCSU will decide to solve the issue.

St. Cloud State Faculty Association’s President Frances Kayona, Vice President Debra Leigh and Jen Tuder, who is a member of the faculty association and leadership committee were joined by thirty students and other university faculty staff for the protest.

The group gathered outside the Atwood Mall where Kayona, Leigh and Tuder all spoke to the crowd and then started marching towards Eastman Hall, the Robert H. Wick Science Building, James W. Miller Library, and ending at Administrative Services. 

KVSC’s Assistant News Director Nathan Daggett

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