Mar 15, 2023

‘Calming Room’ Coming to the St. Cloud Public Library

By Jakub Blum / KVSC reporter

The St. Cloud Public Library is creating a fun new feature for families who have a child who suffers with a sensory impairment.

A Calming Room in the Children’s Services area on the first floor will be available March 20th.

Communications and Development Coordinator Breanne Fruth says calming rooms are trending in schools and public libraries around the country. They’re spaces where kids can rest if they feel anxious or over stimulated. She added the idea came to their attention through a suggestion from a library user. The opportunity for the family to go to a room to decompress gave them a sense of welcome and comfort in using their local library.

The Calming Room has light-canceling curtains, comfortable seating, softened lighting and an ambient noise machine to reduce outside stimulation. There are also calming tools like a weighted stuffed animal, emotion prompts and a black pop-up tent kids can use to decompress.

The Library’s Calming Room can be reserved for up to 90 minutes. Bookings can be made at the Children’s Service Desk in the library. An adult caregiver must accompany children.

The library is excited to offer this room to ensure a welcoming space for all. They’re seeking to be an inclusive space for the community, they look forward to seeing the room in use and as a helpful resource for families.

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