May 25, 2023

CentraCare Appoints Two New Executives

Grace Jacobson / News Director

CentraCare announced the promotion of two new executives on Thursday.

CentraCare promoted Ryan Engdahl to Vice President of Ambulatory Care and Rachael Lesch to Vice President of Population Health and Performance Excellence.

Engdahl joined CentraCare in 2011, taking on various roles in the Behavioral Health Department.

Lesch started at CentraCare in 2009 and most recently worked as Executive Director of Population Health and Quality Improvement.

The promotions come with the retirements of Kathy Parsons, Vice President of Population Health, and Diane Buschena-Brenna, Vice President of Ambulatory Care.

CentraCare says they extend their deepest appreciation for the retirees’ dedication and many contributions.

They will retire this summer.

Ryan Engdahl and Rachael Lesch. Photos provided by CentraCare.

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