Mar 27, 2023

Central Minnesota Farms Preparing for Snow Melt and Mud Management

By Jakub Blum / KVSC reporter

It’s that time of the year when the weather is warm and the snow is melting. But if you are farmer it’s a messy time and not really easy so you should make a plan on how to navigate around the mud.

University of Minnesota Extension Educator Karen Johnson says when it comes to your farm yard you should have some extra gravel on hand to make the area of the road passable. Others may choose to use alternative routes; staying off of select areas until the ground is safe to travel without damaging it. If you have issues with the maintenance of the roads in your yard and farm, reevaluate the grade and drainage system to get the water to move away more efficiently.

Johnson adds you should also take the time to think about how water drains away from your farm. Consider moving some snow now so additional water doesn’t run into dry lots, buildings or even manure piles.

Animals have experienced the same situation when living in muddy lots that must be walked through to get to water, feed and dry places to lie down. In high mud situations, animals tend to eat fewer, larger meals that can lead to other more severe health issues.

If areas of concrete are not available, constructing high-traffic pads with geotextile fabric and other materials is the best way to keep areas well drained during muddy seasons. More information is available on the U of M Extension Service website.

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