Nov 6, 2020

Covid Cup Preps Huskies For Puck Drop Of Season

By Drew Steele / @wooitsdrew / / Photo by Jeremy Mattis

The women’s hockey team has been keeping their legs fresh among the pandemic by playing a cross-ice intrasquad three on three league. Four players on the team were named team captains a few weeks back, and they drafted their teams.

Each week, the three teams of five and one team of six play in two eight minute halves against each other. No goalies were drafted as they rotate every half and who they are playing for.

The assigned captains drafted their teams and played in the first week of action. In week one, Team Cornelius took down Team Nylund by a score of 4-3. Also in week one, Team Wesloh defeated Team Geier 3-2.

After the games on Fridays, the team captains have a few decisions to make on what the team calls “Trade Block Monday.” This means that on Mondays, the team captains have to say goodbye to one player and hello to another.

In week two of play, Team Nylund won their first game with a 3-1 win over Team Wesloh. Team Cornelius was able to stay undefeated by taking down Team Geier by a score of 4-2.

Friday marked the third week of competition, which held matchups of Team Geier vs. Team Nylund and Team Cornelius vs. Team Wesloh. Friday’s matchups were held without star goaltender Emma Polusny nor captain of Team Wesloh, McKenna Wesloh.

Game one saw Team Nylund win in overtime over Team Geier by a score of 5-4. Game two would see another one-goal thriller with Team Wesloh coming away with the 2-1 victory.

The standings now sit at Team Cornelius, Team Nylund, and Team Wesloh all tied at the top with a record of 2-1. Team Geier currently sits at 0-3.

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