Apr 17, 2020

Hourly Scores for U Can’t Touch This Trivia 2020 1/2

To see the current scores, as of the end of the last hour, GO HERE

To see the scores as of the end of any given hour, GO HERE

Before you get all saucy on us, note that we are using the scoring system from our February contest, so there is reference to 50 hours of scoring. We can’t change that. We’re pretty danged talented at KVSC, but completely re-writing the scoring system for the 10-hour contest wasn’t in the cards. However, if you had a good time with 10-hours, consider tacking on another 40 hours and joining us Feb. 12-14, 2021 for our BIG contest…it’s 50 hours!

Also, you can order U Can’t Touch This swag online. A portion of all sales goes to KVSC. You get a collectible momento, we get a little love too.

Finally, any support of KVSC by becoming a listener member is appreciated. We are not holding our spring drive on the air due to COVID-19 and your membership supports year-round programming, Trivia Weekend, students and much more. Thank you.

Thank You Underwriters