Sep 10, 2020

Interview With SCSU Athletic Director Heather Weems

(Photo by SCSU Athletics)

By Drew Steele / @wooitsdrew /

A week ago, KVSC Sports had the privilege of sitting down with the Director of Athletics at SCSU, Heather Weems. Weems had a lot to say on a bunch of different Husky Sports.

Fall NSIC Sports

With COVID-19, life in the sports world has completely changed. At the division two, and, up until last week with some football conferences playing, division one athletics have not been played. This is what Weems had to say when asked about how the fall has been and operated for her and the SCSU Athletic Department.

Weems was then asked about what the fall is looking like for the athletes of not just the fall sports but all seasons.

With the MSHSL moving football and volleyball to the spring, one would think that it may be a possibility of moving some fall athletics to the spring. Weems goes onto say in the clip below that the decision has already been made by the NCAA.

Men’s Soccer

SCSU’s men’s soccer team has never competed yet as the program was announced in late 2019. Weems mentions the hype building around the state’s first division two men’s soccer team.

With the MSHSL still allowing boys high school soccer going on, she was asked if this was a possibility to help a new program with recruiting.

Winter NSIC Sports

The NSIC’s ruling of athletics being canceled until January 1st, 2020 leaves one big question on the table. In a perfect world, what does the schedule look like for winter sports?

Men’s and Women’s Hockey

The NSIC covers SCSU’s winter sports with the exception of men’s and women’s hockey. At the time of the interview, college hockey had not delayed the start to the season.

Looking at the NBA and NHL succeed in bubbling and the struggles of the MLB not doing so, would there be any possibility of the hockey conferences bubbling?

Of course, these are trying times for everyone. Heather addresses the ways the fans can support SCSU during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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