Sep 10, 2020

NCHC and WCHA Delay Starts To The Season

(Photo by SCSU Athletics)

By Drew Steele / @wooitsdrew /

With puck drop supposed to be within a month, the WCHA and NCHC have delayed the starts to their seasons. Unlike college football, though, college hockey has bounded together to announce the delay. They did so through the HCA, Hockey Commissioners Association.

Josh Fenton, the commissioner of the NCHC, said that “The health and safety of all involved across the campus communities, particularly our student-athletes, is the top priority.” He would later go onto be quoted in the NCHC press release to say that the conference “fully expect NCHC hockey to be back this season.” In the WCHA’s press release, much of the same was echoed as commissioner Jennifer Flowers was quoted in the release.

Neither conference has set a date of return yet. Both conferences mentioned they are trying to find protocols to get back on the ice safely.

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