An Unbroken Chain – Intro

img_ortelet_podcast_square_small.pngIn this amazing true-life account from the Holocaust, young Berlin Jew Henry Oertelt manages to survive the Nazi hate and death machine in wartime Germany. In 18 heart-stopping incidents, Henry manages to evade death time after time. These 18 events are the Unbroken Chain of Henry’s survival. A different outcome of any of these links would have resulted in his death. Beginning as a youth in Hitler’s Germany, Oertelt relates his tenacious existence and forbidden activities in wartime Berlin, then being swept up by the Gestapo and being sent to five different Nazi concentration camps. Near death from starvation in his fifth concentration camp, Henry is saved by US soldiers liberating Europe in April of 1945.

Over the last 35 years, Henry Oertelt has presented his amazing life story at scores of high schools, colleges and public presentations. At St. Cloud State University’s Spring Commencement in 2006, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from SCSU. Dr. Henry Oertelt considers this day to be one of the proudest moments in his life.

The recording of Dr. Oertelt reading his book “An Unbroken Chain” occurred over three days in the Multi-Track studios at KVSC 88.1FM at St. Cloud State University in August 2006. His wife Inge was present during each recording session. The total time for all 12 episodes is just over four hours.


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