Genital Panic On Undercurrents

Tina Schlieske is probably best remembered locally as the leader of Tina & The B-Sides, the Minneapolis band that released eight records from 1987-1999. Tina then relocated to Santa Barbara, California and has continued with various musical projects, returning occasionally to Minnesota.

Looking for a way to channel her frustration over misogyny in U.S. culture and the current political state, Schlieske has recruited four Austin, Texas musicians and formed Genital Panic, a feminist political punk band.

KVSC’s “Undercurrents” punk rock show host Xakk G. Asphodel was able to track Tina down to chat about Genital Panic and the EP the band recorded recently. Both Xakk and Tina remember being influenced by political punk in the 1980’s and ’90’s, and wonder where the political punk bands are currently.

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