Granite City Radio Theater Season 11 Episode 3 with Special Musical Guest Becky Schlegel

In our spring edition of Season 11 of the Granite City Radio Theater, the comedy, drama, and music reflected the changing of the seasons . . . which don’t actually seem to be changing because there still snow everywhere.

Special Musical Guest Becky Schlegel joined house band Collective Unconscious for some lovely harmonies as well as a valiant effort during Dan Barth’s Trivia Challenge where she joined Shade’s Brigade actress Shanan Custer in an attempt at taking down defending champion, SCSU Professor Juli Pitzer in some Oscar Awards Trivia.  Little did anyone know that Dr. Pitzer has a PhD in Film Studies . . . so that went well!

Speaking of Shade’s Brigade, the whole crew tried to foil a train robbery, but it got messy . . . real messy.  So messy that they ended up on Mystique Island where things got really, really weird!

And of course, there was plenty of comedy with a look at marriage through Wild Matrimonia, the Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts took over the River’s Edge Convention Center, SuccessCo brought us more products that we ought to buy, the Mayor was once again very honorable, and we set to music the yearly ice fishing dilemma about when and how to clear the ice.

Please join us on Wednesday, May 3 for our Season 11 Finale with musical guest Dave Simonett.

This program was made possible through support from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.  Thank you voters from 2008!

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